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Message - October 22, 2001
Good News!



I had the pleasure to speak with you yesterday when you answered my phone call. I forgot if I said thank you. If I didn't I do now. I started your treatment at the beginning of September after learning of your book from Dr. Sam Ang. October 1, I had a blood test done and found that my PCR results showed a 354,000 copies/ml reduction when compared to the same test done at the end of December 2000. I am so thankful that I listen to Dr. Ang and you and chose not to go on the Interferon.

As I told you there are several of my coworkers who are also infected. One did go on Interferon (twice) and had no success either time. In fact he got worse and the treatment caused damage to his thyroid gland. He also became so depressed that he had to be placed on three Psych meds to keep him from harming himself or someone else.

We work for the Department of Correction and our job requires us to come into physical contact with inmates on a daily basis. I have heard that here in New York it has been estimated that approximately 50% of the inmate population are infected with Hep, HIV, or TB.

My friend was just told that after six months of peg/interferon he was being taken off again because he was not responding and the virus was increasing. His doctor told him he could try going on interferon maintenance for the rest of his life and that maybe it would hold the virus down. His answer was "that is no life." I had him read your book and he said it gave him new hope.

He will be in contact with you soon. I will keep you posted of my progress and continue to tell anyone who cares to listen about your book. I will also continue to listen to Bob every chance I get. If you see him tell him to keep on keeping on.

May God keep you and bless you,


Westchester County, NY


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