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Milk Thistle

It was Naomi Judd from whom I learned about milk thistle.  I began taking this remarkable, ancient remedy immediately and never stopped.  You can acquire it in most health food stores, and it is offered in a variety of forms.  Some are combined with artichoke leaves, licorice and dandelion root extract, etc. Among the best of these products are Hepastat and Hepata Trope (refer to appendix B for a list of ingredients).

I use the organic seeds, simmering them for two hours and then using the tea iced.  Also it is important to take at least 1000 mg. of milk thistle per day in addition to the tea, as silymarin is not water-soluble.  There are other active ingredients in milk thistle that are important but, unfortunately, most of them are eliminated from the processed capsule form.  This is why I recommend the tea as well.  I've reviewed many articles and studies on milk thistle and hope that some of them will find their way to all those liver doctors who told me there was nothing I could take to help my liver regenerate.

For centuries, dating back to Roman and Greek civilizations, milk thistle has been known and used as an antidote for poisoning, including snake bites. Milk thistle's derivative, silymarin is now considered medicine's most important antidote to poisoning by the mushroom toxins a-amintin and phalloidin.

Cited as one of the oldest known herbal medicines, milk thistle, part of the daisy family, is a relative of the common garden thistle as well as the tasty artichoke.  In Roman times, Pliny the Elder, a noted naturalist, described the medicinal uses of milk thistle, indicating this prickly medicine was excellent for carrying off bile.

Jean Rohrer comments:
It has been relatively recent clinical research, especially in Germany, which has brought the use of this multifunctional plant to front row prominence in the treatment of liver toxicity.  Indeed, milk thistle is considered supreme at healing chronic or acute liver damage, virtually regardless of cause, as well as protecting the liver against many toxins and pollutants.
First silymarin stabilizes and strengthens liver cell walls, stopping toxins from entering.  It acts by inducing formation of liver cell proteins, which are incorporated into the cell walls, making them stronger and more resistant to toxins.

Second, by increasing the rate of protein synthesis, silymarin enhances regeneration of liver cells.
Third, are the antioxidants and free-radical scavenging abilities of this marvelous weed.  As if these impressive effects weren't sufficient, the fourth mechanism silymarin gets involved in is the enzyme and catalytic activity of the LIVER.  It inhibits production of the enzymes which produce substances damaging to the liver, while at the same time preventing the depletion of glutathione on liver cells, a substance which mediates cell metabolism.
Clinically, milk thistle causes significant reversal of symptoms of both acute and chronic liver problems from viral Hepatitis to cirrhosis (10).

During my treatment I took 400mg of milk thistle capsules 3 times daily, 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch and before bed.
I also drank 1 to 2 quarts of milk thistle tea per day.
I took 3 Hepastat 2 times per day.
I took 2 Hepata Trope 2 times per day.

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