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Message - September 13, 2001
Please help the families of the brave firefighters that lost their lives!


Dear Lloyd,

In the nation's most horrific tragedy ever, hundreds of courageous firemen left their families and risked their lives to save others. These firemen exhibited a courage that no one can ever imagine. Many of these firemen have died in the tragedy, leaving behind families that are in need.

Lloyd, please take the next few minutes to write a check for $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more and send it to the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widow's and Children's Fund.

For more information on the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widow's and Children's Fund, please click here.

Let's help their families by making a donation. Even the smallest amount will help. Please forward this email to as many people you can.


Send your check to:

UFA, Widows and Children's Fund

c/o Uniformed Firefighters Association

204 East 23rd Street, 5th floor

New York, NY 10010

Thank you

Note from Lloyd:

Firefighters have a higher infection rate of Hepatitis C than other occupations.

Further, I can not ask most of you to donate blood, so a few bucks from allot of us will do much good!


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