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Message - September 3, 2001
Thrilled about the results!!


Hi Lloyd! 

I really can't express how much your program means to me - I mean it's my LIFE!  I am a 39 year old female, I found out I had this last summer, and was obsessed with the seemingly endless ramifications - it felt like my life was truly over.  I took some of the supplements, but started on almost all of the program in Feb 2001 (all except cats claw and hissop teas and I dropped hepastat in March, so really all of it).  Like most, I had horrible experiences with a gastroenterologist who really pushed for a biopsy and touted the great benefits of pegylated interferon which would "knock the virus out of me".  I knew, from you, that the only thing that would be knocked out was me, so I went for the ultrasound which said no damage found and refused the biopsy - there was no reason for it, and that would definitely cause scarring to the liver.  Your site has given me endless hope, especially lately as more great test results come in.  Now for mine - On 12/22/00, ALT = 76, AST = 52, PCR Quant = 89,336 copies/ml (and IU/ml = 31,7000 the other way to measure it?).  On 8/10/01, ALT = 16, AST = 19, PCR Quant = 1,558 (under 1,000 is non-detected) (and IU/ml = 649, under 600 is non-detected). My gastro. received these results, knows I'm taking "supplements" and hasn't even contacted me to see what I'm doing to get such great results - I guess if he doesn't have a cure, no one can.  From others' experiences, do you have any idea how long it takes to get to zero (zero!!) from here? Anyway, to everyone out there - keep plugging - IT WORKS! If insurance would pay for this program, think of how much it would save them in the long run. I'm faxing the labs to you, and am just THRILLED about the results!  

Thanks again, S.


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