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Message - October 10, 2001
"Herbal Answer"


I want to share something very special with you about something I have discovered that is very timely for today's health crisis:

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Arming our own immune systems to be working 10 times better than normal would go a long way to defending ourselves against any virus, bacteria, spore, etc. Our immune systems are perfectly designed to take care of all foreign invaders. But we are in a weakened mess from our "civilized" lives.

I have found an "herbal answer" that I would like to share with all those in search of arming our bodies against foreign invasions. It is Herbal Aloe Force. Fresh Aloe Vera has constituents in it that have been proven to enhance immune functioning by 8- 10 times - that's not twice as strong, or 3 times as strong but 10 times more effective, mind boggling but true. BUT it is only true if you have access to the fresh plant. I started a company 6 years ago to share what I have found. I found a divinely inspired biochemist who discovered a way to stabilize, purify and bottle fresh aloe Vera WITHOUT destroying it by processing. (No matter what aloe labels say they are all pasteurized with heat which destroys the very immune enhancing constituents. That is why the Whole Truth about Aloe Vera is unknown).

As you search the web for research info on aloe, please understand, the research is real - what the body can do when your immune system is profoundly enhanced is a miracle. BUT - remember - only a product that IS Aloe will demonstrate the research findings. The Aloe Vera plant is perfectly designed. Herbal Answers provides a Bio-Protected Aloe juice (enhanced with legendary herbs) that protects and provides GOD's miracle gifts of health.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial but I feel a deep, compelling need to share what this is - what is real - and what is available to us now. That is why I dropped my life as a developmental psychologist 6 years ago to start this company. It is a small company trying to share GOD's Truths of HIS plants and of HIS Designs and Divine Plan for supporting our Health as only GOD knows how to do.

As man searches for a bullet to aim at Anthrax, I urge you to also look at what GOD is offering us now to supply us with the ammunition for an entire military force within our own bodies.

Please take a look at my web site It is in the construction phase but does have a brochure up (Remember it is written to be fully FDA compliant as a dietary supplement and makes no claims or references to what it can do. Because "it" doesn't "do" it - our bodies do the healing)

P.S. There is research on HIV some published, some not published) that shows the body's getting rid of the virus and also a study of blood cells that would not infect with the HIV after drinking the aloe for 6 days (In addition to boosting the immune system cells to be 10 times more plentiful and effective, the betaglucomannans in the aloe also improve cellular metabolism-pushing out toxins and functioning optimally - and FORTIFIES CELL WALLS against invasion)

I have seen with hundreds of people what this Herbal Aloeforce juice can do in the face of Lymes, AIDS, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Influenza, Pneumonia, Hepatitis C and more.

We need to ARM our Perfectly Designed Immune Systems with God's Perfectly Designed Plants in Herbal Aloe Force as a primary weapon against foreign invasion.

Please pass this on to those you think would be interested.

Any ideas you may have as to how I could spread the word to those in search of answers please let me know.

Very Sincerely,


Dr. Jeri L Heyman, PhD

Pres., Herbal Answers, Inc.


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