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Message - November 1, 2001
My reaction to Your Program



Iíd like to give you some feedback about my reaction to your program. So far itís been nothing short of miraculous. 

On 9/25/01 I was diagnosed with HCV. I had been feeling a little off for a couple years but couldnít but my finger on the problem. Previously I hadnít been to a doctor for over 25 years. I always felt great, until now. After returning from a vacation that involved heavy drinking, I felt terrible. I had a feeling it was more than just a hangover. I scheduled a doctorís appointment and had numerous blood testes and thatís how I found out. 

The doctor scheduled an ultrasound and referred me to a doctor of Hepatology. I went home got on the web and started studying the disease, I was shocked and scared. After the ultrasound I went to the Liver specialist who suggested a biopsy then Rebetron combo therapy. I wanted to try modification of my diet and the herb therapy I was reading about on the web, he was not impressed. He ordered a genotype test and set a follow-up appointment thatís coming up on 11/15/01. 

It was time for me to make some important decisions. My health situation was severely affecting the quality of my life. I was tired I had to nap 2 to 3 times a day. I could feel my liver almost like heartburn all the time. I had terrible memory problems, and difficulty concentrating. At this point I was reading every book I could get my hands on and spending hours on the web gathering information and perspectives. The list of side effects associated with interferon scared me. I was hoping to find a different credible course of action. 

I changed my diet, nothing but organic foods, no caffeine, no alcohol, no aspirin and bought a vegetable juicer and organic cookbooks. My theory is that I'll only put things in my body that are good for my liver and immune system and nothing else, to give my liver the chance to rest and regenerate. Iíve always worked out but Iíve become more serious 5 days a week, even if Iím tired. I bought the herbs I read about and started taking them and after about 10 days I felt better. 

One of the books I read was yours, I got on your web site and was intrigued that you had cleared the virus. On 10/22/01 I called you against the advice of my mother a nurse and my doctor who wants me to start interferon / ribaviran therapy. 

We spoke and I was encouraged by your enthusiasm and my fear of the side effects of interferon, so I decided to try it for the 18-month interval. I ordered a three-month supply including Natcel Thymus and Natcel Liver, which is expensive. However, I have no prescription drug coverage with my health insurance and surmised after consultation with my doctor your program for me is about the same price as combo therapy. 

Combine that with the fact that if it worked it would be abundantly less expensive because I could keep working through the treatment. I received my Natcel order 10/24/01 and most of the rest 10/26/01. With my diet modifications and herbal supplementation I felt better but my health situation was still severely affecting the quality of my life. I started your program 10/24/01 and felt better every single day. 

For the last year and a half my lymph glands on the sides of my neck have been swollen like walnuts, on the eighth day I woke up in the morning the swelling was GONE! I am stunned, I feel better than I have in two years after EIGHT DAYS! My memoryís back, I have no difficulty concentrating, I work a full day without getting tired

I almost feel like Iím not sick anymore, I canít wait to test my blood in 3 months! I feel that the Natcel was the key as I received it first and only have used the supplements 4 of the eight days. After feeling the immediate affect of assisting my thymus gland and assisting my liver regenerate, with the Natcel products I want to additionally assist my adrenal gland which Iím sure has been weakened trying to fight this disease during itís incubation period. I have decided to incorporate the Natcel Adrenal and ordered it today. 

About your line of supplements, after reading your book and others, I had went to the vitamin stores and purchased some of the supplements recommended. After I received your package I planned to finish what I had already purchased then start with yours, however after comparing products I literally looked at what I had bought as junk. Your products ingredients and manufacturing procedures were superior to what I had, the supplements being targeted and tailored for enhancement of the immune system and support of the liver are just what I am looking for. 

In general as I said I am stunned. I feel tremendously lucky that I found your web site and very thankful that you took the time to answer my questions. Had I not talked with you when I did I most likely would be getting ready to start my combo therapy in 2 weeks. When your sick and told you have a very serious disease with a very small chance for a cure and you can feel it taking over your body youíd give anything for your health back. Your program has given me so much hope for the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Iíll keep you informed, as my new blood tests will be taken in 3 months.




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