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Message - May 9, 2001
Rat Poison

Dear Lloyd,

Oh boy, pills to big to swallow, the tea tastes yukky.And just think, their alternative is worse than rat poison, interferon.You know I think getting well or getting anything you want in life takes really wanting it. That means believing in yourself and fighting for it.It means focus and some real drive.I think a large part of someone getting well is in their own will and determination.I know I play the major role in whether I get well or not.You know, I have been doing some reading lately and they have done some studies on the type of people that survive these kinds of things.

The ones with the best statistics are the fighters, the second best statistics belong to those who just ignore it, and the ones that succumb most often are the ones that complain and whine and feel sorry for themselves. In case I haven't told you this before, you have already helpedme a lot.I use to be in the first category.I fought and studied and was on an herbal/gladular type program.I then found out about Thymus and was even half heartidly taking that..I did know somewhere somehow the Thymus I had was poor quality. My numbers went down anyway and I started feeling much better and then quit.I went into a big protest and decided to completely ignore it.But after one year, I started feeling kind of bad again.

I happen to see your book on the internet and I bought it and read it.I knew immediately that you hand completed the medical research I had started.I knew your research was more thorough than mine and I knew you were well. You finished what I started and then quit.And you were well.And when I got the products you recommended I could tell instantly the difference in the quality between them and what I was on before.The products coupled with the drive you have which was so evident in the book pushed me back into category one.I had received the inspiration I needed to get back into participating with my own recovery and restored my willingness to fight back.Because I knew in my heart that this program had what my previous one was missing and I knew my bad attitude was not helping anything. So for me, this all fits.And maybe those people who don't just pull themselves up by the boot straps and fight to get well just aren't ready to get well yet.It can be a tricky, boot tough and mysterious world can't it?

To quote a brilliant man, "only the real tigers survive, and sometimes even they have a hard time at it." And, in 5 days the difference in the way I feel is night and day.I had been experiencing light headaches and muscle pains on and off all day and wasn't even noticing it anymore.Yesterday I noticed it because I was completely pain free all day.I also thought I had gained 5 pounds or so over the winter because my jeans weren't fitting anymore.

Was gonna drag myself to the gym even though I didn't feel that great.It was bloat.My jeans fit, my shoes are comfortable again with thick socks on and my face is back to normal.It had been getting kind of puffy and I just thought I had put on some wieght.Today I am going to the gym because I want to.

Post it.Someone may need to read this.


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