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Message - May 7, 2001
Order Discount and Good News.....

Hi Lloyd,

I'm writing to let you know that we just placed another order and would like the discount if possible. Also, we wanted you to know that we started Bill on this program on Feb. 12, 2001.

His liver counts were:
SGOT - 141 and SGPT 366.
We had a liver profile done on April 25th, his counts were SGOT - 47 and SGPT - 25!!!!!!

They were within the NORMAL range in less than 3 months!!!This is the first time in years that his liver count has been in the normal range.His Hep C virus level is still at 850,000, but we are continuing with the program until it is zero!!

Thanks so much,


Hi Lloyd,

Yes, you certainly can put this on your message board. I want others to know that this really does work.

I hope it will even encourage people to try this if they are not already on it or have doubts about it. We're looking forward to his next tests to see what the Hep C virus count is!

C. D.

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