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Message - May 5, 2001
at last someone who understands.....

Subject: at last someone who understands.....

My husband of 6 years was diagnosed with hepatitis c. About a year and a half Ago. It has been nothing short of a trying experience since then. In the Beginning he was in a tremendous state of denial. Since our many relentless And less than hopeful trips to the doc, he has came to a better understanding Of what we are actually faced with. He is scheduled for a liver biopsy next Week, predicated upon the results, the doc will determine if it is necessary For him to begin treatment.

I myself, without coming across as a sour person, Can hardly stand the advise muchless the hopeless attitude the doc's have Given to us in the last year. They do not give him very promising results for The medication, he's genotype 1. My husband has no symptoms, besides Moderately elevated enzymes levels. Other than that he feels completely Healthy. I am strongly opposed to current medication, but rather a firm Believer in herbal remedies.

I have found your web page to be very inspiring. Any insight you could share with us would be greatly appreciated, as nobody Truly understands , until they themselves have been through it. May you be Richly blessed for your endeavors to help other people in similar situations.

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