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Results from Nov - Mar

Results from W.V.C.  WA.  03/25/01

W. started my program in early November.

Test Date 11/10/00  Collected 11/07/00
His ALT was 141
His AST was   79
His HCV RNA was 7,012,000 ml

In February he added the Natcell liver to his program

Test Date 03/16/01  Collected 03/13/01
ALT 117
AST   85
HCV RNA is 2,882,129 ml

In this case we do not see the usual dramatic reduction in the ALT and AST associated with my program.
We do however see a dramatic reduction of the viral load as is often seen with my clients. This reduction in viral load is equal to or better than what is seen with responders to interferon without the hell associated with it.

I am often not aware of all the habits of individuals, beneficial or non-beneficial, but in this case I have been told that W. stopped drinking 6 years ago, however still smokes Camels. He is reducing his smoking volume and plans to quite. In the last 6 weeks he reported to me that he was not feeling well for a short time. Often a cold or flue, virus or infection can change the liver enzyme levels. Also his doctor did not advise him to fast before the test.
When W. started my program he was contemplating disability due to his condition and is now not considering it at all.
These are very encouraging results and I look foreword to sharing his next tests with you.

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