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I hope you will give the news to others...

From my favorite client in Belgium
I began sending some product to Belgium over a year ago to Belgium.
After a while they found suppliers there to help avoid shipping costs. We still remain in contact and are quite friendly. I do hope I can go visit them soon.

I have various blood tests dating back to 1998
In the last year the Hep C index has been over 100 and in Januarary was 68 and as of march 22 2001 is 7.64.

"We are so happy with this and I hope you will give the news to others so that they will have the courage to continue treatment knowing it has not been in vain!!!."

Her numbers have been all over the place in the last year and I considered it a healing crises. They have finally dropped consistently.
This person has been persistent regardless of the short term up and downs and is now enjoying the comfort knowing that the virus is almost gone!
The numbers used in Belgium are different than they are here; I am assured that these are very good, as I am not familiar with the difference between there tests and the ones in the US.

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