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The first order of business

Hey Lloyd,

My brother got out of prison on time and you'll never guess what the first order of business was?, Girls?, no!, Seeing his family?,NO!, He came over here with a pad and pen to write down all the directions for your treatment, write down the diet I want him on for his liver (what he can and cannot eat or drink and pick up the 13 bottles of herbs I have been sock-holing and collecting for a year till he got out. He read your book 2 times front to back, and left the book inside for other friends who need enlightenment (as the medical staff insist inmates must take the interferon treatment or be written up disciplinary for disobeying an order) (How lame is that?)  My brother got written up and all he got was 30 extra days without commissary privilegdes, but after reading your book, he told medical staff  no and to just write him up.

Anyway, he said between the proper food he is eating now, and the herbs, he feels like he is awake all day and not dragging his feet at 2PM in afternoon. He isn't getting those twinges on his right side anymore either. As you well remember I got some of the herbs inside to him, and his levels went down just from those, so we are looking forward to his next blood draw in 4 months to see what will happen with all the herbs and proper diet, and distilled water.  I also bought him 12 gallons of distilled water and a dozen lemons , so he could get started immediately...My thanks again to you for my life back, and now for my brothers.....You are the KING!!!!

Love, S.

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