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‘I feel better than I ever expected’

Hi Lloyd

I want to give you an update on my health since being on your program, I do feel better than i have ever expected too,  my life has changed so much its impossible trying to figure out which one of your products is to blame!

I was so over whelmed in the beginning, with so much to change, i had to quit smoking, drinking and eating all at once,  i am a all or nothing kinda girl and  this has been no different...I choose to get on your full program, if you wrote about it in your book, I  ordered it, and thank God for that,  my viral load went from 336,ooo  to 28,000 in less than 4 months... i spent a lot of time in the bathroom, the rest of my time in the kitchen,  i have your teas down pat, in fact i  have learned to combine several teas together and this way, i am sure to get all of them in my body within a 24 hr. period. I do not eat hydrogenated fats, i spend a lot of time in health food stores,  and have met some very beautiful people along the way,  i felt so sorry for myself when i first started my journey into the hepatitis c world, but now i feel rather special, i treat myself better than i ever dreamed of, the change that has occured in me has made me appreciate life much more than i was before i became sick with hepatitis-c.  Before i found out that i had hep-c i ran threw life stressed out most of the time and never took the time to smell the roses, now i do, I have taken a new attitude towards life, God, family and friends, each moment seems to have more of a special  meaning to it now, thats why i feel so special, a lot of people get on interferon and other medicines as per their doctor,  i know they cannot even think clearly they are just killing themselves quicker and the quality of life for them i know, really is no life for me!  Finding you lloyd, is a blessing i  know it is because i see a positive chang in me, and if i can change anyone can,  thank you Lloyd and thank God,  i was given a chance at a healthier me and for that i am grateful, this is the reason for this letter, hopefully someone that is as afraid as i was, will read this and maybe they will find hope, maybe they will trust my words, i sure pray that this will happen, its the least i can do! Also i wanted to add,  i recently have been hearing from people that i haven't seen in a while saying how well i look, some of my family members don't believe that i am sick, they say i look 10 years younger, in fact most of my friends want to clean up their livers just so they can have the glow that i seem to have,  go figure!!  We are all lucky to have met you LLoyd, or maybe  it is a  gift from above, whatever, i know what i'm doing is the best i can do for myself, it makes sense, thats what matters and most of  all i feel better than i have felt in years, i am truly looking forward to tomorrow each day i become stronger and stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually  and if i was not forced to change i cannot imagine where i could have ended up, i did squander a lot of my life away but now i look forward to what i will discover about myself with my new way of living, even with hep-c i have grown in so many ways  if this is what it took for me to wake up well then so be it,  at least i had another chance,  and here's a toast to everyone of us, only this time i'm toasting with milk thistle tea.....good luck to all who read this, it is for real, yes Lloyd Wright is the  "REAL THING".  If there is anyone that wants to discuss  my experiences with your program with me please give them my e-mail address, i will help in any way i can,  if needed i will send you my special  recipe for the teas as well......
Again thank you LLoyd for taking giant foot steps ahead for the rest of us,

Your Biggest Fan!

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