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Hey Lloyd,
This is for you to post on your message board.
I was diagnosed with hep c about 7 weeks ago.  After searching the internet I was strongly led to follow your plan. It all clicked in my heart and in my head.  I have used herbs and vitamins for myself, my children, and my animals since I was 18 years old.  About 5 days after starting your treatment I noticed I wasn't clearing my throat throughout the day as I have done for years, especially after meals. I couldn't make business phone calls aftering eating because it was so bad. Now, I amaze my friends and family by talking without any interuptions. Some of my siblings have the same problem and are going to try the aloe vera juice to see if that is what did it. Your plan gave me great hope when I felt like everything was being snatched away!!!  Thanks for taking the time and effort to share and care about all the rest of us sharing the burden of this diagnosis!!!!!
love and peace to all there,  J

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