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Message - June 22, 2001
Reading Triumph Over Hepatitis C

Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 1:39 PM
Subject: Reading Triumph Over Hepatitis C

Sharon from Covington, Tennessee
June 22, 2001

Reading Triumph Over Hepatitis C has given me a whole new outlook on life and a new life. In Dec. 2000 I was diagnosed with Hep C. I was fatigued, depressed, confused and losing my hair. I went for a check up and sent to a liver specialist. My Liver Specialist? Said the only successful treatment was interferon. He explained the treatment, the dreadful side effects and the high rate of recurrence of the disease. Not encouraging at all! He suggested as I was only experiencing mild symptoms at this point to come back to see him in 6 months, unless symptoms worsened. Well, he was the specialist after all, so I decided to wait and see what this silent killer was going to do to my body. In May 2001 I began researching the web for a cure for my brother's prostrate cancer as I heard there were alternative treatments to surgery. I came across P C Spes and Lloyd Wright's Website "". Of course I checked it out. I ordered the book and started taking some of the suggested herbal supplements and modifying my diet. I began noticing a difference within a week of the way I felt. I had follow-up blood work done June 14, 2001. My Hep C viral load by PCR dropped 400,000 points, my GGT has dropped 60 points, my ALT dropped 11 points and my iron serum level has dropped 78 points. This in less than one month of only taking some of the supplements that help your body produce its own natural interferon. I highly recommend, first, if you have not been tested for Hep C to get tested, it is a rapid growing epidemic, and second research this disease and read this book. Our so-called liver specialist knows little about this silent killer. As I said, it has changed my life. I am no longer tired all the time, I am sleeping through the night, my thought processes are clearer, and I'm no longer losing my hair. I am looking forward to my next blood test. Get this book and start your recovery today!

Taken from book reviews, June 20 2001.

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