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Message - June 20, 2001
Fallen Statistics 

Email Question:
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 1:49 PM
Subject: Fallen Statistics

Kudos to you lloyd for posting that last long response about "FALLEN STATISTICS". As a retired RN who has Hep C, I see soo many people in general not want to do LIFE STYLE CHANGES for THEIR health. Its their HEALTH, no one elses in the family, but the doctors of today with the HMO's, have soo many geared and brainwashed that they are the answer, and that the patient doesnt need to put out an effort, just come into the office/hospital and we can fix ya right up. WRONG-O!! Our foods we eat are currently contaminated with antiboditics, and chemicals and preservatives, and way too much sugar, the easy fix, like the new supposed cereal that came out , its a pressed food bar with milk supposedly already in it, "NOT!!! its hydorgenated everything, but people eat it. TO ALL WHO READ THIS MESSAGE, I was a junk food junkie like all of us, till I got the HEP C verdict, and almost believed my doctor to the point of scheduling a biopsy which was required before starting treatment, then I WOKE UP, I started researching myself, and and when I realized it was all HOOP-LA, I canceled all tests and treatment. I decided on a life style change for the diet, and exercise, and then I found "LLOYD", and its been a year and a few months since I started his program, and what a difference, but I know I will spend this money the rest of my life, I do not care to take this treatment for only 18 months, I know that to "BE SURE", my life style change will stay as is now, as will my money (for the herbs) will be spent for MY LIFE>>>>What good is everything else if MY LIFE isnt there any more. Ya know when you need to you can find the money each month for the herbs and aloe, and teas, I only wish I could afford the frozen thymus, I am still working on that issue, but boy let me tell you I cannot swallow enought thymus capsules in a day(which I can afford). I know lloyd and I will talk and share for many years, to the point he will be sick of me, but why let our minds go into a false sense of security and stop the treatment just when we start feeling better.Our DRAGON, the HEP C virus will always be lerking around the next corner, waiting for us to let our immune systems go down so it can rear its ugly head. Please people, for you and your families, stay focused, if you can find money for videos, clothes shopping, shoes, makeup, cute things for the house, a new car, vacation, readjust your thinking, none of those things will give you life. Yes its hard, the first 4 months I wanted to shoot myself, no caffeine(diet cokes), no sun teas, no taco bell or Micky D's, I loved bar b quing red meat, and I loved haveing MUDSLIDES cocktails. Well, I gave it all up, to LIVE!!!! I'd rather live than have all the other. Now I raise my own food mostly poultry (chicken and turkeys), and drink only distilled water and lemon and lloyd's teas, and take (at last count of the bottles of herbs on my table) 23 herbs...Once my husband saw how serious I was he now has done a life style change, and I have him off coffee, mayonaise, processed sugar, and he takes 7 herbs a day.Lloyd I beleive puts his heart out to us, and I believe evrytime one of us is a FALLEN STATISTIC it takes something from his heart.Well, everyone who reads this, I guess I am off my soap box now, but in closing, rememeber, there are no more "MARCUS WELBY"S" out there for us, we have to take responsibilty for our HEP C, no one else can. And right now natural is the only way to go, please dont be a fallen statistic, keep the faith, and keep taking your natural remedies....GOD BLESS AND GOOD CONTINUED GOOD HEALTH TO ALL OF US..Love, sue

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