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Message - June 19, 2001
Dr. Visit 

Email Question:
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 1:48 PM
Subject: Dr. Visit

Hey Lloyd, I made the visit today to the liver specialist in SC. Arrogance would be a mild term to describe this person. He wanted to know why I came to see him and I told him I was referred by my family physician. Then he wanted to know why they referred me. Huh????

In a nut shell:

He would not consider me for a liver transplant unless I had insurance or raised the money first. ( In other words I took him to say - Pay or Die)

He would not accept your book. Said he did not care what I took in regard to Homeopathic remedies. He was very close minded except for his own opinions. He appreciated everything that he said.

Did say that there is going to be some tests research coming that would be a combination of Interferon and Thymus. I asked him what he had heard about thymus and he said he did not know anything because it had not been tested.

I think he got angry when I told him of the good results I was having regarding some of the symptoms following his interferon experiment on me.

My impression is that he does not care a whit about me. He is in it for the money. He obviously makes a lot doing the drug research trials.

I stayed nice. If I should ever have to have a liver transplant, he would be the probable doctor who would do it. Other than that I found him to be an arrogant, money centered SOB.

You warned me about how he might react and you were right on the money.

God Bless You. At least you care.

B. R.


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