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Message - June 15, 2001
My brother has HCV too!  

Email Question:

I just found out that my brother has HCV too! Welcome aboard! Come on in, the waters great! Just kiddin', but anyway, it looks like I am gonna be ordering more each month so that I can get him on the program. I got my most recent blood work back and it looks like I am almost cured! I have been feeling a lot better lately and my symptoms have almost gone away! I have actually been running 6 miles at a clip! My virus count is under 600 but I am still testing positive for HCV, I don't know why.

Lloyd, how many people do you know that are actually testing negative for HC after going on your program? The reason I ask is not because I am doubting you, it's because I don't see that many actual success stories on your web site. All I see are stories of how people are feeling so much better and their symptoms are way down like me. I know that you, yourself no longer test positive, but how do you think it will take for me to totally get rid of this hideous thing? PS- How's your email situation, any better?

Lloyd's Response


There are a not that many reports of complete clearance on my message board for number of reasons. I will attempt to explain some.

I get a myriad of phone calls from folks telling me their story and updating me on their condition. Translating this information to the web site is a daunting task. Many people who have followed my program with diligence have stories of testing negative for Hepatitis C. In the past many testimonials came as emails which were easy to post to the web site, phone calls are great because I get to talk with people, but typing them up for posting sometimes gets away from me.

I like to back up success stories with blood tests. Unfortunately, the doctors are often reluctant to give these test results to their patients. Please be aware these tests results are your personal property and if you request them they cannot deny you. If you send me before and after blood tests I will post them for others to be encouraged by. Be aware the viral load tests and liver panel protocol has changed from ml. to IU. This makes comparing the past tests with current tests very difficult.

The bottom line is that most of us are just not conditioned to change our life style and practice the necessary changes for 18 months or the rest of our lives. We are brought up in a world where when something goes wrong we go to the doctor, get a shot, a pill and everything seems fine. Spending 18 months on a program which costs are substantial is not something many people actually do. Sure when starting, most are feeling very positive and dedicated to persevering with the 18 month program. However as in many situations the reality versus the ideal are often different.

Here are a few examples of the reality of the situation and people's good intentions:

One of my clients, one who usually obtains 3 months of product at a time did not ask for more aloe when she reordered. When we spoke she said she did not like it and hadn't consumed much of it. I spoke with her regarding the importance of properly prepared aloe and she promised to try and drink some. This happens a lot with the tea as well.

Another person who had been on the program 10 months called and his numbers were in the normal range, down from over 200 and he said that he felt good, in fact better than he had in some time and believed he was well. Also, he expressed the need for the money he'd been spending on the program for other parts of his life.

Often money is the major reason people do not see the program all the way through. They feel fine, the blood test numbers are greatly improved and their viral load is very low. A decision is made to save their money and go on about life as before or hopefully with some new habits.

I also have several hundred people who only do part of the program, usually because of money, and most of these people feel better and their tests improve.

There are many who experiment on their own and incorporate what they think is good. I am always open to new things, but, I have found that people who do what I did have the best results. Time and time again I see this. I hear from people who start the program, then go off and do something else, then come back months or a year later and start over again.

Many people start the program and after a few months are feeling great and stop for a variety of reasons; take a break for a month, school, vacation, or other events in their lives that interfere with their commitment.

I am in no way able to remember every reason I hear, but these are just a few. The part that disturbs me the most is that I see what happens to people when they do nothing.

I do hope this at least in part answers your question.


Emailer's Response

Thanks for the lengthy response, Lloyd! That makes sense to me and I am going to make sure that I don't become another fallen statistic! Feel free to post this email correspondence.

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