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Message - June 11, 2001
More energy Still!!!

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 7:02 AM
Subject: More energy Still!!!

Hey you!!Hope this finds you in good health and SMILING...Me, I still surprise myself with more and more energy, this last weekend, me and Kenny built a 45x45ft turkey pen and caged all over and on top, in the hot hot sun,just drinking his gatoraide and me with my lemon water, and ya know I felt more hydrated than he did.I mean I feel GRREAT!!!!! As tony the tiger says....I have noticed that your herbs actually enhance my endurance(draw more energy when its really needed).Last weekend we went out and got poles (trees cut by forestry 8 in around and 8 ft long to debark and use as poles for the pen, and this weekend we put everything together, looks cool, kinda like a log sided pen. I mean it was 92 in the shade yesterday and sat and sun we were in direct sunlight the whole day from 6:30AM till 4:45PM, we got the pen done so I can start raising my turkeys and have my years supply of poultry (untouched by commercial breeders and their hormone additives), yahoo. Just thought I'd let ya know how the herbs actually kinda kick in on their own when the body needs them too..Your are soo grrreat, have a grrreat week.

Love, sue


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