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Message - June 5, 2001
Taking time.

Sent: Monday, June 5, 2001 7:02 AM
Subject: Taking time

T.C. called me on Memorial Day and told me he was going to be in my area. He asked if I could meet him and deliver his products to him so he could avoid the shipping charges.

T.C. began my program on March 29, 2001. At first I was upset that I was going to miss half of the Indianapolis 500 and hadn't had a day off for 18 months. After the first few moments of speaking with this man I felt very much rewarded. Tony informed me that he didn't have the money to do this that he went to the company he worked for and requested to take some money out of his retirement fund to participate in my program. He told me his boss urged him not to do it to keep that money for his family for when he was gone. At the time T.C. was quite sick and had taken leave from work because he could no longer function in his position.

On Memorial Day weekend I felt so good for this man. He related to me his story of how he had gone from being unable to work to working full-time, feeling very healthy and he looked very healthy. He explained to me his thinking of what good is his money for his family without him? He said to me that working was the best thing he could do for both his employer and his family and now he is happily doing just that.

He described to me his feelings of wrestling with the disease; the fatigue, the flu like symptoms he shared with me in detail the effort of going to a shopping mall with his family and having to sit down on the floor because he simply could not continue to stand.

Listening as T.C. described his condition and the changes he experienced in the first few months brought back to me memories of my own story and exactly the same dilemma.

I'm very happy I took time out to go meet with this man, he was very warming.

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