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Message - June 4, 2001
A soft gentle man, who will be greatly missed.

Sent: Monday, June 4, 2001 7:02 AM
Subject: A soft gentle man, who will be greatly missed.

A soft gentle man, who will be greatly missed. Roy, my mailman, died today, June 5th, 2001, from the complications of Hepatitis C. He was 46 years old. Roy's viral load was 200.000, his ALT 45, AST 79.

I first met Roy in December of 2000. One of the mail clerks at my post office asked me what it was that I was mailing so many of. I told her I was the author of a book called Triumph Over Hepatitis C and that sending out copies to numerous suffers was keeping me quite busy. She immediately informed me that one of her USPS peers was in a coma at Kaiser hospital due to Hepatitis C. Knowing that the hospital, any hospital, was the worst place he could possibly be, I arranged to be "introduced" to him.

I went to the hospital and met Roy. He began taking NatCell thymus and NatCell LIVER twice daily. Soon Roy was back at work, 12 hours a day delivering mail. However, it was clear that Roy's body was in a serious irreversible state of decline.

Roy was so concerned about his health he moved out of Malibu and to be as close to the hospital in the city as he could get. He wanted easy access so each time he required hospitalization he would be close. After four comas and numerous other procedures it was clear that all Kaiser could do or would do was a minimum and it appeared to me they were just waiting for Roy to die. Roy had told me that he was on the transplant list and was awaiting a new LIVER. It was quite clear that a new LIVER would not have done Roy much good, if any.

My position was and still is the best that could be done for Roy would be to attempt to improve his quality of life for the time that he had left. Roy had done Interferon treatment without success. Roy had a buildup of lymphatic fluids in his abdomen and lower extremities, which had to be mechanically removed several times. I wanted to help this man live out the rest of his life comfortably and as he did also he began taking part in some of my program.

Initially, Roy consumed NatCell Thymus and NatCell LIVER twice daily. He went through one case of Aloe Vera juice and one pound of Dandelion Root Tea the first month. In December and January he used 3 boxes of NatCell thymus and 5 NatCell LIVER, was back at work looking and feeling healthy. He then stopped until March 20, purchased two boxes NatCell LIVER and one NatCell thymus.

In the very beginning Roy was yellow, his skin was pale and he appeared very weak. After the first month on the program, his fellow postal workers began telling me that he really looked good and that he was coming to work with enthusiasm and he did really did look much better. He said he felt much better and no doubt his LIVER was celebrating.

It seems one of the major problems with our medical community's current treatment of Hepatitis C. is patients are not informed by their doctors of the complications arising from Hepatitis C. There are strict guidelines that dictate if a person is a viable candidate for a liver transplant. For example if someone has additional life-threatening issues a liver transplant will not remedy, well then, those people are ruled out.

Roy told me Kaiser had him on a liver transplant list and he believed when the time came he would get one. Roy began having serious stomach infections after his last visit to the hospital. He no longer took the rejuvenating thymus and LIVER supplements and he spent the last 28 days of his life in intensive care.

I sincerely believe if I had met Roy 1 year earlier he would be alive today. Roy was a soft gentle man. He will be missed greatly.


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