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Message - July 23, 2001
Hepatitis C Free - not yet, but getting there!



I've always thought "earthy crunchy" people were a little strange, but not any more. I'm talking about my aunt. She's a schoolteacher, very intelligent, and knows more about health than I do, but I'm learning quickly. She turned me on to milk thistle. I then stumbled upon your web sight, and I'm glad I did.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in June 1990. Since then I've been seen by at least 7 doctors, have had three liver biopsies, waited for my hepatitis condition to go from acute to chronic (doctors wouldn't prescribe Interferon treatments until my condition advanced to the chronic stage). I've been on every Interferon protocol possible - from standard therapy to higher dose, longer duration; double blinded, placebo controlled; combination therapy (first with thymosin, then with ribavirin), and have been a non- responder to it all.

I have recently, within the last two years, graduated from being seen by Medical Doctors to now being seen by a Physician Assistant (PA). Could things possibly get better? She told me about a new Pegasus Interferon and how I would be an eligible candidate for this crap (since I have been a non-responder to every other Interferon therapy - HELLO!!!!!) when they get it, a year and a half from now. Now she wants me to come in every 6 months and have blood drawn until they get this "NEW" Interferon. In her office, on the wall is a list of herbs that are good to take, others which should be avoided. I noticed the list but never thought too much of it. I then learned about milk thistle from my aunt. Milk thistle was on the list of good herbs to take, some others were reishi, licorice, and dandelion. I asked her one day, after she told me there wasn't anything else I could do until they offered Pegasus, about the list and milk thistle. I thought she would say milk thistle would help protect the liver, but she didn't. She tried to discourage me saying, whatever they mix in with milk thistle capsules (fillers) could be harmful to the liver. She ended with a positive note, milk thistle might lower your liver functions, but it wouldn't get rid of the virus. Like lowering my liver functions isn't a good thing?

I started taking milk thistle capsules in October 2000. I told the PA, I wanted to take milk thistle for three months to see if my liver enzymes would come down. She said she would schedule a follow-up appointment in three months to have blood drawn, and to have a nice day. I asked "Shouldn't I have blood drawn today so I would have something to compare the results with?" She thought that might be a good idea (oh yeah, she's on her way of becoming a great doctor). After three months my liver functions did come down, but my viral load at this time could not be determined (interesting).

On 05/01/2000,HCV RNA PCR, QUANT (WH) 14.23 million UI/ml. In January 2001, I began your protocol (except for the frozen thymus, couldn't afford it at the time). I had blood drawn June 2001, the result being HVC RNA PCR, QUANT (WH) 366,000 UI/ml.

I can't believe what Client 6, from your book had to say about the viral load test, "depending how much one believes in that test". Well I'll tell you what, I BELIEVE! After 10 years of not responding to any type of Interferon therapy, ya damn right I believe! It's still hard to believe it came down that much in 6 months. Oh, just for the record, I haven't heard anything from my PA as of yet. Do you think I will? I can hear you laughing!

I just have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer:

  1. I asked my PA, " What does my viral load count have to get to, to get rid of this virus (trick question, no?)?" She said, "Zero." Is she blowing smoke up my butt?
  2. Will the viral load ever get to zero?
  3. Is "NOT DETECTABLE" the same as in remission?
  4. How did you know you were Hep C Free - viral load, biopsy?
  5. What was your viral load when you first determined you were Hep C Free? What is your viral load today, if this is the determinant?
  6. The viral load of Client 9, in your book, went down one million four hundred and fifty thousand in 8 months. How did you figure that out?
  7. Client 8, in you book, says, "In February 2000 he reported that his viral load was less than 3.3 Hepatitis C non-detected." How is this determined, once again, viral load count, biopsy?
  8. I was unaware that you did radio shows. Do you have any future speaking engagements scheduled for this summer? If so, I would like to get a copy of the list of show times.

If I do some how become Hep C Free, I'd like to celebrate by flying out to Cali, shaking your hand and thanking you in person, and then maybe throwing down a couple of ice cold 16 ounce artichoke shakes with you!

Thanks, and talk to you later,



Hi Pete


  1. There are two common viral load tests. The quantitative test shows non-detected if your viral load is below or less than 2000. The qualitative test says non-detected if your viral load is less than 600.
  2. The viral load can get to 0. Whether it will or not is unknown.
  3. The doctors I have dealt with associate non-detected with being in remission.
  4. I was pronounced hepatitis free by the hepatitis c research doctor at UCLA. The method he used was blood tests.
  5. The test the doctor showed me was a viral load test which said "0.00" viral load, hepatitis c non-detected. My last test was in august 2000. It simply said "negative". This was a hepatitis panel which included A, B, C.
  6. I took the first viral load number taken before he started and deducted the last one from the viral load test he gave me at that time. I have these blood tests on file.
  7. This was a viral load test.
  8. I do radio and some TV. I get these shows via an agent. They seem to come in clusters. I will post them as they come.

I am scheduled to speak at the cancer convention at the Sheraton Universal on September 1. I haven't written my speech yet, and am not sure if about it. I am not a professional speaker, but I am working on it.

I would be honored to throw down some artichoke shakes with you!


About 8 months ago I received several calls from people who had just finished trials for Peg Intron. As a group, they were the sickest people I have heard from, average viral load 3 times higher than when they started.

The interferon in peg intron is exactly the same as the intron A interferon.



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