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Message - July 21, 2001
Blood Test



There's something happening here.

A month ago I went to my gastro for a thorough check-up . He said he wouldn't have expected to have seen me in such good health. ALT seemed to have stabilized at about 90 after being in the 120-140 range for a long time. Two days ago ALT was 65 !  Never been that low since Noah was a boy...! So, I'm walking on air at the moment. FYI I've been taking most of what you recommend but have been a bit slack about the dandelion and cats claw teas. I've just started them again with a resolution to be more diligent. That thymus and liver you sent all got thawed out last week when some clown unplugged my freezer. It would have thawed out over 3 days. Some thymus was still partially frozen so I'll keep taking it and see what happens - sure am enjoying the moment though.  Thanks for your part in it. I'll be in touch.

               All the best,
                                    New Zealand


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