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Message - July 19, 2001
Life Saver!



I just wanted to thank you for the herbal supplements.  Before I ordered them, my father was already doing "the herbal thing" with shakes and drinks and such.  He recently went in for a check up and got a thumbs up from the Doctors.  It's not that he's really doing "better" but they said it's certainly not getting any worse, which is good.  

They said it's possible that he will live to be an old man.  Wouldn't that be nice???  I didn't think he  would go out on his own and purchase your book, but I did know if I got it for him, he would feel obligated to read it and I'm glad I did without it we may not have gone down the path we did!  Thank You again!  Your book literally was a life saver! 



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