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Message - July 17, 2001
Thank You!


Greetings from New Jersey, You may absolutely print that message, it was rather funny, I think a bit of humor in this battle for our health, is an important ingredient.....I feeling good.  Made my sautéed garlic and olive oil tonight with shitake and miatke  mushrooms with dandelion leaves seasoned with turmeric and a bit of honey, topped with some feta and good crunchy bread!  Later I shall have some dandelion root tea and paint! Hope your having a great to you soon.........V.

Hello Lloyd!  

I received my surprise goodies today, I can't wait to make my Licorice tea......And that looks like really Great Milk Thistle...maybe we should have a festival for Milk Thistle like they do in Gilroy Calif. for Garlic!wow clean blood and healthy livers, and maybe a little thymus extract on Sat. night.  

Hey that would be one heluva holistic health happening!*!  okay enough silliness, I also enjoyed your short zen answer to my email,  that was nice.., I think I am going to up the thymus intake ! sound ok?  well I'll be ordering soon.  

I'm looking at a great sunset right now ! take care.

Sincere, V


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