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ďHMMMM, I guess itís good itís going down
on its own.Ē


Hey Lloyd,

Today at 11:35AM, my brother (who you sent the book to) just got his release date, less than 43 days away, YAHOO, now I can start him on his HEP C regimen (actaully I kinda started 6 months ago), I got one bottle of dandelion and one bottle of Hepatrope and one bottle of milk thistle smuggled into him, and told him to start on the vit C, vit E, B vit, and cut out all the crap foods, give up coffee and drink nothing but the bottled water from the inmate commissary, no donuts only eat the shitty tasting veggies from the chow hall, and tuna fish,anyway, last month he got his 4 mth blood draw from medical, and this is the first time his ALT level was normal, and his AST was real close , medical told him and said "HMMMM, I guess itís good itís going down on its own" so we were real happy, anyway, I'll be ordering a batch of stuff to get him started shortly, just wanted to share, YAHOO!

Stay well,
Love S.

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