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I feel Great!!!!!!!

To Lloyd,

Just a note for you Lloyd on how I am doing.  Please post this on your web page for other people to read.I just had blood work done last week and just want to tell you that your program is great and working for me.  I found out that I had Hep C in June and started taking every thing you said as nothing else was working.  I had liver panels of:

7/16/2000ALT 186AST 233
8/16/2000ALT 186AST 122
10/16/2000ALT 156AST 120
1/16/2001ALT 124AST 94

I have been taking all of my herb teas, and the best when I can afford it is NAT CELL LIVER EXTRACT and NATCELL THYMUS I know that this is the only way to go.  My doctor was always telling me to try their way and said this won't work.  Now he his asking me what I am taking and wants to know more about it.  Keep in mind I just had hand surgery in the last two weeks so anything my ALT and AST sould have gone up.  Thank you Lloyd for coming into my life.  I feel Great!!!!!!!!


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