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It doesn’t matter how we got it...
It’s how we’re going to cure it

Hi Lloyd!

Well you said not to get my hopes up regarding the bloodwork and I more or less didn't, but here we go with just two months seriously taking the remedies my homeopath (the new one) has prescribed and doing your program with only one order of the thymus plus all your other good stuff the results look like this;

10/13/2000              1/11/2001
AST  205                    AST 140
ALT  211                    ALT 165
GGT    66                    GGT 55

I have to say while its not perfect (yet) Im going to get there.  I didn't start to see my new Doc until December, and I didn't really start every thing on your list (infact I still don't take everything) because my homeopath doesn't want me to overload the liver.  I think the only things I don't take are the hepastat which was a concern because of the  BP issue I have and the aloe.   I have a bottle of the hepastat and am seriously thinking of doing it as the blood pressure seems to be leveling off.  The only other concern we are working on now is the iron which has gone from 263 to 242  which still
stinks and I just today went to see a hemotologist (western) and of course he requested blood work to see if it is a genetic disorder....your right anyone with MD attached should be avoided at all costs....the consultation was depressing to say the least it was at the hospital with the oncologists and people there (patients) were pretty miserable and not feeling so I have to go back to him in 2 weeks to discuss phlebotomies but I might just flee and find someone else.  Which is pretty difficult around here you can't just get a lab to take this "tainted blood" you have to literally go underground to find someone to do this.....Ive been tempted to do like the Romans everyweek and just lay in the hot tub and then have someone call the EMS let them patch up  my wrists and try to stay out of a mental institution but Im sure the insurance company would wonder after a while.  So that being said I think Im on the right track and If I have to smoozle up with this MD just to get the iron out Ill do it.  My homeopath feels that the iron has to go before we can even think about eradicating this gosh darn virus.  So thats it in a nutshell.  If you need me to send you these labs just let me know.  Id rather send them when its great and over, but there here for you if you need them to help prove that it can be done without all the BS of
conventional medicine.  

Take Care,



You have my permission to post this and any other email I have sent you.  Im going to fax over the two most recent blood tests  ( October and January) which are the ones I sent  to you in the email.  I just gave your book to one of my best friends brother who has been suffering alone with this wasn't until I said I had it that people started coming out of the woodwork....there is a hell of a stigma attached out here.....I don't care who knows ....I even let the staunchy Dr. yesterday at the hospital know exactly where I think I got this gift, right at his hospital after a transfusion 19 years ago after my son's birth.....of course you know many other explanations  came flowing from his mouth....but bottom line it doesn't matter where any of us got's how we are gonna cure it.

Take care,

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