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“Complete strangers can become catalysts...”

Dear Lloyd

I must apologize for the long delay in responding and thanking you for your generousity in sending me the updated version of your wonderful book!!!

It arrived first week in January after I had delayed in making a trip to the post-office to collect the 'third' notice that an item was waiting to be picked up. For some reason I just assumed it was some sort of advertisement.

What a pleasant surprise it was to see that it was your beautifull newly bound book.  How attractive it looks!  I then opened the book up to read the first several pages and realized I was reading my letter to you about my husband's experience!  I can't tell you how honoured I felt that you had included that letter in your book.  At the moment I simply cannot find the appropriate words to express how pleased I am that you found it somehow meaningfull enough to publish - hopefully inspiring others in some way. I had almost thrown out the envelope the book arrived in when I noticed the wonderful letter you had included.  What a gift the letter was to me at the moment - and somehow ironic - since it spoke to 'my writing (is this what you're encouraging me to do somehow?)

At this time in my life - the changes that I am forced to make are quite overwhelming.  And as life and synconicity will have it your encouragement (in the past when we had personally communicated by phone) and in your lovely letter to me (separately included with the book) encouraged me once again to continue with the book I had started approximately 12 months ago.  This book is spiritually based - I had not touched it since my husbands death.  The changes in my life have taken up most of my focus and energy.  But I am once again getting the little whisperings to take it up again.....Interesting....don't you think -  how complete strangers can become catalysts for one another given certain thank you for your 'long distance' faith and encouragement!

Your book will be a God-send to many suffering individuals I'm sure!

Currently I'm in the process of shopping for a new and smaller home -this will certainly take up much of my time over the next several months among other life-style changes (including mental/emotional changes).  But I intend to keep in touch and hopefully sooner then later.

Thank you for thinking of is much appreciated.


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