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“Doctors made you feel better”

Hey Lloyd,

I was wondering when you would talk to objective medicine after the thymus thing they had last week.  Hopefully the interview will get the word out to a lot of the really depressed hepper's I see out on the internet.  I stopped going to chat rooms because no one had a glimmer of hope and most were on the interferon.  I left those chat rooms feeling so depressed, then I realized hey, I'm doing OK, my blood work is looking better everytime.... why is everyone out there so gloomy?  Everytime I put my two cents in I was ignored.  I tried to spread the word about thymus and you and it seemed like I never got more than one response and the one person that acknowledged my upbeat thought, had said they were going to look into your program.  The doctors have so many people brainwashed it's scary.  With the statistics being what they are with genotype 1 A or B why would people suffer through with the interferon to feel worse not to get better??  Why not give something natural a chance and see results?  As I've said before ' I am not taking everything (although I recently started the Hepastat) which the bp seems to be doing alright with, but just about everything else on your list plus what the homeopath is giving me (by the way, what did Dr. finnigan give you when you were seeing him)  I'm seeing results.  If I could just get a phlebotomy I know I will be on the road to recovery and be a living testimonial for your cause.  Have we become so dependent on the medical establishment that it's their way or the highway?  I will take your way any day!

As Ever,


Feb 10
As usual Lloyd, you have my permission to post anything I write to you on your board. I don't care if you used my name or not, Im not ashamed of my disease, Im PISSED.  The people on the interferon obviously don't know what that shit is doing to there bodies and minds.  Im scared to death of the stuff.  I would rather stick to the program you suggest, feel good, and try to forget the prognosis offered by the hepatologist.  Its weird when I left his office over a year ago with my ALF magazine I felt really sick....but I
didn't feel sick the day before....odd isn't it that once a "doctor" says something you start to feel all the "symptoms" I walked out of there waiting for my fingers to club, ready to spit up blood,  my right side hurt, I was tired, weak and ready to die, every ten minutes I was looking in the mirror waiting for these bruises he was suprised I didn't have yet.  When just the night before I was partying with the rest of them.  Odd how "one " authority figure can blow your mind and piss on your parade.  Granted I did my day at
woodstock a long time ago and really have been anti-establishment for 30 years or so, but I always respected Drs. they made you feel they are right up there with cops, politicians and lawyers in my book.  I wish all Heppers would rethink what poison they are putting in thier systems and try something more natural like your program.  Hey if it doesn't work, they can always go back to the interferon , they can have my script!

Im going to have more bloodwork in a month.  Ill keep you posted.

As ever,

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