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Message - December 28, 2001
Sick Friend


My close friend Monia Howes, who 10 years ago did "not understand my illness", is now in Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC, waiting news of a possible second liver transplant. She was diagnosed 5 years after me, but drank heavily even after the diagnosis and her HMO tried to get rid of her too.

I had to convince her family in NY that she was actually sick, and when she started with the Encephalopathy, they got the idea over the phone something was amiss

They finally believed me after she was hospitalized in Florida (where I live) for internal bleeding.

Lloyd, January 3rd is her 43rd birthday, and she is a wreck, because of uncaring apathetic family.

Her husband was away claming when I was fighting for her in FL, but he rushed to her when he finally understood, and is her only source of mental support.

Would you call her in her hospital room? Her name in Monia (MON-YA) Howes. Maybe you can offer her hope.

Her husband Cliff has been out of his mind since the first transplant about 14 months ago. The liver is not being rejected. The problem is that the virus became so virulent that it attacked too aggressively. She has the bleeding and swelling and is in dire condition, but can talk.

Her Hubby had her on milk thistle and NAC and some stuff, but the Doctors convinced then way back to stop taking everything. Hey Everyone, Send Monia Howes some flowers at:

Mt. Sinai Hospital

Gugenheim Pavilion

9 East Room 319

100 St. & 5th Ave.

New York, NY. 10029


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