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Message - December 26, 2001
Test Results


Dear Lloyd,

I received my test results from my Dr. today. Great news! My previous HCV RNA in August 2001 was 3798900 iu/ml. This latest test, done Dec. 20, 2001, was 2628000 iu/ml. That's a drop of over 1 million iu/ml! I just started your remedy 2 months ago and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the results so far. I also had a complete metabolic panel done to see how the AST and ALT levels were. I'm a little puzzled on these results since they went up slightly.

Aug. 2001- AST: 64 ALT: 95

Dec. 2001- AST: 78 ALT: 118

Any ideas? Is there something that would bring these down, or do I just need to be more patient? I'm taking Milk Thistle Tea & Max-V, Hepata Trope, Thymus, Lipoic Acid, Selenium, NatCell (2 times/week) Aloe Vera and Dandelion Root. Thank you so much for everything. I'm convinced I'll beat this with your help.

God Bless.

Hi K.S.,

Sometimes people’s liver enzymes go up and down for as much as 6 months before heading down. Not to many people but a few.

Dr. Finnegan called it a healing crisis. A doctor in Texas calls it Liver Remolding. I think that the toxins are in the process of moving out or a detox. During this time, liver enzymes are all over the place.

Be sure and drink the teas, and lots of good water. You might try the Hyssop tea, I find it is very good for lowering the AST and ALT.

Have you had an iron binding test? Be sure and fast for 5 hours before your next liver panel test.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.



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