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Message - December 23, 2001
Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness - Our Goals


Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness
Our goals are:

1. STOP THE SPREAD OF HCV (Hepatitis C) by Public awareness campaigns explaining the many transmission methods for this virus. The campaign should not just focus on sex and iv drug use. The awareness campaign should include Needle exchange programs and emphasize the importance for all people to be tested. If we don't our grandchildren will have a one in five chance of being infected. 200,000,000 million are now infected.

2. Increased Funding for research and education.

3. The Passing of the Public policy based on presumed consent for organ transplant. There are 4,900 transplantable donor livers available. 18,500 patients are currently on waiting lists. 100,000 adults have severe cirrhosis. In 10 years, 600,000 will develop cirrhosis.

4. Baseline testing and yearly testing on all high-risk work related fields. Medical and first line responders to emergencies. 6% are now infected. Early detection is the key to eradication of this disease.

5. Testing all Veterans, especially from the Vietnam and post Vietnam service era. 65% of all people with this disease are Veterans.

6. Service Connection for all Veterans with HCV

7. Notification by the Department of Defense to all veterans subjected to experimental testing to include inoculations with immune serum globulin.

8. Mandatory HCV screening, treatment and education for Prison inmates. Studies show up to 33% entering prison are infected and then released back into society without competent knowledge of transmission methods.

9. Social Security to declare HCV as a presumed disability. This will include acknowledgment of extra hepatic manifestation of this disease.

10. Education and Acknowledgment from the medical profession (both military and civilian) for the extra hepatic manifestations associated with HCV

11. Investigation into the multibillion-dollar business of HCV and the deliberate attempts to stifle competition for generic medications. This should include the delay in the release of new and competitive drugs.

We will march on DC June 23, 2002, to demand these goals be fulfilled. Please Join Us, together we can make a difference.


3,900,000 Americans with Hepatitis C, 2,547,070 are Veterans.

64.3% of all American with Hepatitis C Are Veterans.  1,711,631 are Vietnam Vets.

44% of all American With Hepatitis C Are Vietnam Vets. 20,000 Veterans, 10,000 civilians will die by 2003 because of Hepatitis C.

Veterans do not think they need to be tested.  Please don't ignore this. We can change the future if we come together now.  We need your help

Tricia Lupole
National Coordinator for
Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness
March on DC June 23, 2002 -view transmission methods HCV funding petition

To all people with Hepatitis C, their Family and Friends:

My name is Tricia and I am the National Coordinator of the Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness. We would like to furnish details of the March we are planning June 23, 2002. Our theme is "Hepatitis C's March on DC."

We plan on starting the rally at 9:00 a.m. that morning at the Capitol. We have several guest speakers including doctors and elected officials who will present testimony to the devastation of the number one epidemic in the world, Hepatitis C (HCV). There are several big names that will be speaking and providing entertainment to the five million people we hope will attend. That number is high but it does reflect the current infection rate and is our target group to participate in this Awareness March.

One of our main goals is to clear up the confusion about this disease and let everyone know how fast HCV is spreading. HCV has become know as "the druggie disease" and this has hampered all of us from receiving support and the education needed to stop the spread of the virus. These attitudes have misled the public into thinking they are safe as long as they don't do drugs.

The truth is that over 40% of the people infected have no clue as to how they contracted HCV.

Sporadic transmission, when the source of infection is unknown, occurs in about 10 percent of acute Hepatitis C cases and in >30 percent of chronic Hepatitis C cases. These cases are also referred to as community-acquired infections. These infections may have come from exposure to the virus from cuts, wounds, medical injections or dental procedures, shared toothbrushes, razors and manicure sets, to list only a few. These methods of transmission are a real threat to everyone. Each year new ways of transmitting this disease are discovered. If federal funding for research had been given as promised many people would not be infected now. Unless we get more funding many more will be infected in the future.

Everyone needs to be tested and this campaign will hopefully bring that awareness and concern to the nation to get tested. I'm sure that you heard the predictions from the Hepatitis Global Conference held in California last week. Over 20% of the world population will be infected by the year 2100. That's a lot of people. We can stop that now if we all come together and work towards that goal.

We would like to see, as a result of these efforts, increased funding for research, education and more government assistance for everyone with this disease. We want Social Security and the Veterans Affairs to acknowledge the many extra manifestation of this disease, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Neuropathy, mental effects and the many other symptoms associated with HCV.

The only way we will reflect change is if we demand it. We were all promised help and that help has not and will not come unless we stand united. Getting to DC is going to be hard on everyone. But if we don't do this, nothing is going to change and our future generations will pay the price for the neglect of the government to stop the spread of this disease. The future holds a very bleak picture for our children. Our children will have a 1 in 5 chance of becoming infected in their lifetime if we don't unite now. And there is no cure in sight. There is no real funding to find a cure.

Veterans will also be a focus because at least 65% of all people with this disease are veterans. The people we thank each year for our freedom have been left out in the cold by the government. Many are suffering significantly, only to be denied benefits because they cannot prove how they got this disease over twenty-some years ago.

Please, please consider finding a way to come to DC. We will soon post a web page with transportation and accommodation information. There will be a form to sign up providing group rates from the major cities around the country. We are looking for contributions from all of the foundations and supporters of HCV.

If we do not turn out, nothing is going to change. You know that and I do too. So please do what you can and start planning now.

We have set up a command post at . Here you can participate in one of our committees or view our progress and offer suggestions. This will give you an idea of our organizational structure and our plan of attack to accomplish our goals.

This march will represent all people with this disease and we need help from everyone. Please join us and help bring awareness to DC, June 23, 2002.

I hope all of you find it in your heart and heads to realize the only way we will get help is to make this happen and the only way we will do that is to come together and demand it. We need everyone. Please don't leave it up to the other guy to do this because we will all suffer if you do.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in DC.

Sincerely yours,
Patricia Lupole (Tricia)
National Coordinator for
The Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness

You can contact me personally at

You can view transmission methods for this virus at

Sign the Hepatitis C's funding petition.

Note from Lloyd:

I saw no mention above about "alternative medicine".

My personnel belief is that the above is for good and eventually will be, but in the mean time it will be a really big money maker for the "Drug Industry", which in itself is not my concern, rather the lies these people perpetrate on the public, the suffering their drug (interferon's) bring on people, the lack of responsibility they take for their roll in destroying people's immune system's with interferon's and the doctors complete lack of knowledge of natural medicine and its effects on this virus.

The awareness that needs to be in the forefront is that you, your immune system can deal with this virus by supplying your immune system with what it needs to fight it.

That message needs to be received by insurance companies, politicians and the victims of Hep C.

That is not the message we are getting from our government or our institutions.


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