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Message - December 20, 2001
Book Review


At last, here is a humanitarian author who isn't afraid to generously give us an effective alternative treatment plan for conquering an insidious illness. It can be done! What's more, I can't praise this book highly enough for the honesty and loving concern it offers to Hepatitis C sufferers and their family and friends. Mr. Wright deeply cares about eradicating this disease and helping its victims get back on the right track to good health. For those of us who have been "the doctor route" and become disillusioned with America's money-oriented healthcare system, Triumph Over Hepatitis C extends a huge dose of comfort and support. Better still, the book recommends a viable alternative treatment plan for a major viral epidemic, something that has so far stumped our show-and-tell, high-tech medical "experts". Further, Mr. Wright's forthright style of communicating speaks to the reader's heart. It is a welcome relief from waiting in the doctor's office, knowing that the "family physician" is only interested in communicating with your pocketbook.

By sharing Mr. Wright's own shocking, near-death personal experiences, we readers can better understand what motivated him to seek and seek and obsess until he put together a nutritional health formula that worked for him. Now he is "Hepatitis C Free", the ideal name for his website. And he has the goodness of heart to want to share his health formula with the world; not everyone would be unselfish enough to bother. Why, it's enough to make you take the power back and know that YOU can be your own best doctor!! After voraciously reading Mr. Wright's book, I will never again let a physician tell me "there is no cure" for anything. I am amazed that this man who has been through so much of his own intense personal suffering can be so upbeat and dedicated. It is a humbling reminder to us all never to take good health for granted.

Mr. Wright's unequivocal desire to help people rid themselves of this disease gives us all hope that we can rise up and decide which healthcare treatment is best for us, without being intimidated by what doctors tell us and expect us to take as unquestionable law. I do not personally have Hepatitis C, but I am vitally concerned with the sick state of our American healthcare system, pardon the oxymoron. And I do have a couple of friends with the disease, friends who are hungry for alternative treatment solutions, friends who are frightened of the devastating side effects of the "new and improved" drugs on the market, drugs that keep the stock market alive more than patients.

Mr. Wright's book is well balanced in that it touches on the many repercussions of battling this socially unacceptable disease, such as trying to sustain a livelihood, dealing with the social stigma and ignorance, and maintaining a sense of humor and determination through it all. That's another thing: Mr. Wright's delicious sense of humor will sneak up on you just when you think you are in the pits of Hepatitis-C hell.

Bravo!! More, more! I am eager to see how this all comes out. Triumph Over Hepatitis C and the people who read it are part of an alternative healthcare movement that could cause a big avalanche! WARNING: This book could be good for your health.


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