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Message - December 7, 2001


Hi Lloyd –

I want to let you know I have a friend, Joel who had Hep C and he went on Natcell and all the herbs and, basically he told me he just went on a GODZILLA TYPE......remedy. He took Natcell, frozen Thymus, and the frozen liver for about a month along with Transfactor. He went to his doctor and had extensive blood work done and the doctor said he no longer has Hep C. They could not find a trace.

Lloyd this guy couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. He doesn’t have a computer so I am delivering the message. I am going to go have my blood work done soon after the holidays and see how far I have come along. I know one thing is for sure I do feel a whole lot better and I am expecting to hear better news about my condition with Hep C. Thanx a Million and God bless you Lloyd.

Mark r. from Detroit, Michigan. 12/7/2001

Note from Lloyd

I Spoke with Joel about 2 weeks ago. I have been hearing from people about him for some time, he spreads the word well.

He told me he was in Cuba and became very sick, went to a emergency hospital and they ask him if he had any preexisting conditions and he told them he had Hep C. They checked him for it and could not find it.

When he returned home, he went to a University in Michigan and had extensive blood work done. They told him he had no trace of Hepatitis C.

Joel told me he had been doing some herbal items for 9 months and then started my program and it was 45 days later when he tested negative for Hepatitis C.

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