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Message - August 27, 2001
What People Have to Say About Triumph Over Hepatitis C


what people have to say about

The Sunday Malibu Newspaper'

August 26, 2001

By Robin Hemingway


Normally books on Alternative Medicine are boringly written, although they profess to tell you something that is good for you and your body. This book, however, after the obligatory forewords, begins like a Hunter S. Thompson ('Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas') tract of frightening dimensions and slowly, slowly levels out into a Dr. Feelgood text that anyone who has ever experienced the pain & suffering of Hepatitis 'C' sufferers at close range (if not one themselves), can benefit from.

Wright relates how a severe accident & the blood transfusions thereafter resulted in him contracting the deadly Hepatitis 'C' - His list of the illnesses & maladies to follow, kicking in like falling dominoes, reads like a 'Who's Who' of Nightmare. His accident (read the book for details), which occurred in Malibu in 1979, was the beginning of a trip into the Black Hole of incompetent doctors and well-meaning nurses who didn't know themselves what they were looking for that would make him well again. Tested for Hepatitis 'C' in July 1991 (the conclusive tests to determine the existence of Hepatitis 'C' in a person's body were only achieved in September of 1991!), his results were negative. Still trying to rid himself of a baffling sickness, in 1994 he made regular weekly visits to a blood bank where his blood was sucked out and supposedly discarded as toxic waste. Murphy's Law kicked in, and this discarded blood mistakenly appeared one day on a shelf with donation blood and was randomly tested. The blood bank sent him a form letter two months(!) later, saying they could no longer accept his blood for donations (!) because he had Hepatitis 'C!'

Lloyd Wright has changed his food consumption and lifestyle considerably since 1994. The result has been his saving himself from almost-certain death. In his book he lists the elements (Milk Thistle, Live Cell Therapy, Cats Claws, Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Reishi Mushrooms, etc.) which saved his life, and warns against items which could take (Hospitals - The 8th leading cause of Death in America!) your life. The book is available through Barnes & Noble, or Lloyd Wright Publishing, P.O. Box 6347, Malibu, California 90264. There is a toll-free telephone: 1-877-676-1615. If no one answers, you hear a young woman's voice that says, "Welcome to Hepatitis-C-Free, your Alternative Medicine Pharmacy. We are probably on the phone....."

Pushing the pocket bigger, Lloyd Wright has been invited to speak at the 29th Annual Cancer Conference to present his views on Alternative Medicine, his results and present several of his 'clients', who will also be in attendance. To be held at Universal City's Universal-Sheraton Hotel over the Labor Day Weekend (1,2,3 September 2001, $25. daily), Wright's findings are sure to open up some previously closed eyes, ears and minds. 


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