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Message - August 21, 2001
Great News!!!!


Dearest Lloyd

I've got great news. My viral load has dropped from 4.000.000 to 160.000 in just 3 month and I'm absolutely over the moon. ALT 55 AST 42.

I see that so many people are confused about the different ways that viral load results are expressed so I searched on the Internet and found a very easy way to convert various result from different labs and so be able to compare them.

I will send it to you and maybe you could include it on the web site or just make it available to anyone who needs it.

Also, another piece of good news. As you probably know here in Belgium and many other countries too, they will not do a viral load test unless you agree to become a guinea pig in one of their double blind interfleron studies.

Well I've managed to convince my liver doc. arguing that this body is mine, and what and when i put in it is absolutely my business and all I'm asking from you is to check my blood tests.

Well after the latest results, which show a considerable drop in viral load, he became more interested and booked me another test for next month.

I've also suggested to him that maybe considering my results and he should start one of their double blind stupid studies so they can test and see with their own eyes.

We shall see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted.

I was also so happy to see on the message board that a few more people have cleared the bug.

LOST and LOTS of LOVE to you (for just being) and to everybody out there fighting the battle that we will surely win.



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