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Message - August 20, 2001
Thank you for all of your help with this insidious virus


Hello  Lloyd

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with this insidious virus, I just wanted to add that after 3 months on your remedy I am feeling great, I am a business owner and a Roofer yesterday my roofers both didn't make it to work because they had the Budweiser flu. So  I had the pleasure of tearing off a roof [8/12 pitch] [small one] aprx 5.3 sq of shingles, installed the ice shield, felt paper and shingled it myself.  By myself!  I also cleaned up all of the debris on the ground in 7 hrs, in the heat.  Not to mention the fact that i will be 44 yrs old and have been roofing for 20 yrs. 

I could have never done this 4 months ago and I attribute this the your remedy and I thank the lord for leading me your way, God Bless You Lloyd! If there are any Roofers out there you know that's a lot of work in 7hrs for one guy to accomplish plus carry those bundles up on the roof. I am just glad I didn't listen to my Gassssssssstrointernologist about taking interferon!!!!!! I also just started drinking live wheat grass that I juice myself and grow the wheat grass myself and I am determined that Hep c isn't claiming me....besides my family needs me.

Thanks again Lloyd!!!
>              Mark..................


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