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Message - August 8, 2001
Your recommendations have worked amazingly well!


Dear Lloyd

As promised in our telephone conversation attached are my lab results from the last eight months. In October 2000 I registered with a new doctor because our health insurance had changed, he ran some blood work informed me that my ALT and AST were elevated and recommended a GI doctor.

He also changed my diabetes medication. My ALT and AST just went up and out to peek at ALT 603 AST 334. At this point I felt as though I was carrying a bowling ball around under my rib cage and had serious doubts about my survival. My GI doctor research diabetes drugs and decided it was the cause of my sudden elevated levels. Meanwhile my wife heard you speaking on a radio show and ordered your book for me. I was very skeptical of your suggestions but having nothing to lose decided to give it a try, anyway as medical science at this point could offer mean nothing. Although stopping the diabetes medication in changing my diet to low-fat and low carbs helped, I believe that following your suggested program of milk thistle Thymus etc. to have helped me obtain unexpected results. At this point ALT 73 AST 80 and I feel a whole lot healthier. My GI doctor was even surprised the last time that I saw him and ask what I had been doing. He said that he had heard about results from Thymus that he knew very little about it.

For me your recommendations have worked amazingly well and I plan to continue with the program until my ALT and AST are back within the rounds of normal range. A few months ago my viral Count was at 322,000. I plan to have another viral test within the next month and in hoping for a similar reduction. I will keep you informed of my progress, thanks Lloyd, you have really made a difference




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