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Message - August 4, 2001
Good to hear from you


Dear Lloyd,  

Lloyd please print this or post it. I will survive if my liver does not give out first i am in stage 3 and levels are way up.

Hi Mike;

First, I believe that posting your email would help many. I remove names, address etc. Please let me know if it is OK.

Do not use the new Peg Intron. It does not work! I have talked to hundreds of people who were in the trails. Not one of them is anything but sicker. Peg Intron is the exact same chemical as interferon but time released. If interferon does not work, peg Intron will not work. Your doctor is mistaken!

Peg Intron was created because shearing plough patent on interferon ran out about a year and a half ago and they created peg Intron to "Recapture Market Share".

My program works better than anything the FDA has to offer.

If I were you, I would make sure the house is safe, and start taking as a minimum

Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day

Lopic Acid 200 mg 3 x day

Selenium 400 mcg per day

Dandelion root tea 1 quart per day.

This is a minimum and it can help a lot.

Also take NADH, it really can help with the effects of interferon.

Do it now. Best thing you can do is get your health back so you can take control of your life. These few items will help.

I can help some.




Lloyd, I do not know if you remember me my name is Mike my brother Dan told me about you.

You and I talked on the phone several times and I live in Texas. Anyway, I did not listen to your advice and I took the combo treatment for a year. I thought I was going crazy!

My brother bought and sent me your book but I was convinced by my doctor at Baylor College of medicine in Houston (Dr. Blaine Holinger) that he could cure me.

Well I had to go on disability from work for a year. When I went back to work, my mind did not function like it should. I would have semi blank outs and could not remember peoples names. As a result, my company fired me for poor job performance.

My doctor gave me a release saying I was 100% capable of doing my job and now after 10 months of being off treatment I do not have insurance or a job and I am losing my house. My family thinks I am in a stupor half of the time.

I was told last month by my famous doctor that I still have Hep-C but the new treatment will knock it out this time for sure. I guess what Iím asking you is if there are any lawsuits and/or anything I can do before I lose my house. If so could you let me know. I still have your book but I can not afford to even buy the herbs and I am trying to go on welfare and food stamps. I can not pay for cobra. If you can think of any advice let me know.

M. S. Texas

I should have believed you the first time

I still have life insurance and I am thinking this might be my only alternative to save my house and get some money for my wife and 10 and 16 year old children


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