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Message - August 2, 2001
Non-detected in 2 months!


Hi, Lloyd,

I don't know if you remember us. My husband got the virus from Brooklyn endoscopy center 5 months ago. Just wanted to let you know good news. When we received my husband's baseline blood work, even before thymus and other stuff, his viral load was very low. We went to the doctor just recently, and he said that virus is on the way out. We just found out new results - it is undetectable!!! Thanks for your help and encouragement.

R. C. New York



We spoke this morning, hopefully we covered this.  PLEASE do not take the items the doctors recommend.  You have no idea what the stuff can do.  Just to give you a clear picture of what the medical community is doing is like this.

Picture having a daughter. Picture her getting raped. That is very powerful disruptive feeling! That is how I feel when someone goes on interferon, like someone is raping my daughter.  If you try it, you will know exactly what I mean.



My husband just learned that he contracted Hepatitis C through a medical procedure few months ago. We are overwhelmed. I found your website and would like to try your regimen. I found information confusing. There is a lot of stuff to take. I am not sure which ones will be appropriate for him. He has no symptoms yet. Does he need all or some of the products? What is the schedule of taking all of it? Some of the products  you mentioned you took both tea, capsules, etc. Please clarify. I just placed an order for the book, Thymus extract and milk thistle.

Note from Lloyd:

These wonderful people came to me confused by the statements and lack of statements from there doctors after being infected by a medical procedure appoximately 5 months earlier.

The preceding are some of the emails between us. There were also several
phone conversations with me and my assistant Aunika. This news on being non-detected in about 2 months on my program is delightful!  I would like to know the condition of the unfortunate people infected at approximately the same time that elected to follow what there doctor prescribed, interferon. I am betting money they did not have this same terrific news.


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