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Message - August 1, 2001
Good to hear from you


Hi Lloyd,

So good to hear from you.  Am doing pretty good, can't complain too much.  Have been taking some supplements and milk thistle and drinking teas but nothing too aggressive at present.  I think I've had two viral load counts since we've communicated.  The first one was after I had been on your program for a time and the numbers came down quite a bit actually. Then I stopped for a while, had another about 6 weeks ago and find that they went back up somewhat but not as high as they were.  Wish I could have stayed on the NatCell!


How are you doing?  Is your hep-c still at bay?  I certainly hope so, you have so many people to help that you need to stay healthy.

Take good care!
M. R. from WA. 



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