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The best service Iíve ever had...


Read your book, following *most* of the regimen, but...the damned Thymus is so *expensive!*  Even at your discounted rate, it accounts to again as much as the rest of the pills / teas / suppliments...Even so, should this work, it'd be worth ten times the price.  You're doing a wonderful thing with this.  I was told of the "benefits" of interferon-alpha, ribuvirin, etc. by my doctor, and I told her....thanks, but I want to keep my hair, my memory, my joints, ad infinitum...she agreed that the cure produces more side effects than the disease does symptoms!  Encouraged me to try anything I might find helpful...when I showed her your book, she took a guarded interest; apparently she'd like to see further "clinical studies."  ...Meanwhile, I think I'll just follow *your* advice, thank you...

High congrats for your recovery!  And truly heartfelt gratitude from both my wife and I in advance...looking forward to a viral free life...


Lloyd Responded:

Hi S.C.
Your Natcell will be shipped Fed Ex priority overnight on Monday April 30, and will be delivered on Tuesday may 1. Someone needs to be home to sign for it.

S.C. Responded:

Wonderful timing; that's our third wedding anniversary, so we're taking the day off....

Lloyd Responded:

I can not tell your fed ex man to leave by the back door, but you can. You can call fed ex at 1 800 463 3339 press * and a person will answer, they will connect you with your local fed ex dept. and you can tell them. They have a paper you can sign that they keep in there truck that reminds the driver what to do. Also you can leave a note on your door. That usually works if you know your fed ex man.

Please let me know if you have a problem with this.
Thank You

S.C. Responded: the best service I've *ever* had from *anyone* I've done net business with.  Certainly more information than I've ever received from any doctor...


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