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I feel GREAT!

Dear Lloyd,

I have been on your regimen of herbs, supplements, Aloe Vera and Nat Cell for a month and I feel GREAT.  Prior to reading your book the only option Medical Science offered a victim of HVC was interferon.  I have read about that treatment and have friends injecting themselves 3 times a week with interferon, I don't think so.  It was a relief to find your book and discover that you felt the same and that you also developed a natural remedy for this energy robbing, liver stomping disease.  My symptom was fatigue, about 5:PM everyday I would be exhausted. I have been following your program and diet of fresh foods and the fatigue is over.  In just 4 weeks I feel revitalized, I feel GREAT. I can only advise other HVC victims to buy your book and get on your program, it works and in my case it worked immediately. Did I mention I feel GREAT!


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