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It was so inspiring!!!

Hi Lloyd,

We received your book in the mail last Wednesday along with many supplements.  Myself and my husband G. are nearly finished reading it.  Wow, it was so inspiring!!!!!!  I just wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation to you.  A large part of the reason my husband was in denial, was due to the fact the doc's were not giving us any hope. You have completely changed his entire outlook on hepatitis c and how we can deal with this.  He has not been this positive for many, many months, he's acting like a different person. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  He has been religiously taking the following:

milk thistle 400 mg 3x day
lipoic acid 200 mg 3x day
selenium 400 mg daily
licorice 500 mg 2x day
dandelion  500 mg 3x day
cat's claw 250 mg 2x day
vita c 5000 mg 2x day
reishi mushroom 510 mg 2x day
alfalfa 2x day
colostrum 900 mg daily
dandelion tea 1 qt daily, with two whole lemons juiced
natcell thymus 1 vial every other day
aloe from whole plant 4 to 8oz daily

I would appreciate your opinion on any changes we need to make. Also, how long should he wait before he has his next set of labs done? He swears that he already feels more energy, less fatigued in less than a week. I have noticed he is not so edgy. Lloyd, thank you again. I truly believe you are an angel sent to us from God.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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