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Thought you might be interested

Just thought you might be interested......

I wasn't very scientific with all this, but results as follows:

Before:  3/24
AST 97
ALT 186

After:  5/2
AST 78
ALT 122

The only thing I did between the 2 dates was
- took frozen Thymus for 1 month (December or January).
- Since then, I have been taking 1000 MG milk thistle extract daily.
- 1 quart of Aloe per week.

Prior to 5/2/00 I was on interferon but stopped because it made me sicker (physically and mentally) than not using it.  There was also no change in my prior blood results.  I think the frozen thymus is an excellent product.  In the month that I used it, there was a definite improvement in the way I felt, especially emotionally.  I plan on using thymus regularly beginning in June, along with the Aloe and Milk Thistle.  Hopefully, this should reduce my results to normal levels.  What are your feelings about taking Thymus as a general supplement as opposed to a remedy?  Can you recommend a brand of Milk Thistle that you feel works best?  Right now I use Future Biotics - Silymarin Plus, and Nature's Plus - Milk Thistle extended release formula.  I going to start paying more attention to results, now that I feel there will be some.

Thanks again for your book.  It has been a great help.

Thank You


Lloyd Responded:

Hi J.H.
I think taking live cell thymus is one of the best thing people can do. It works very good on Hep C. It does take a group of things. At least that has been my experience.  Milk thistle is something you should keep doing. I like the one I have as well as the tea.  The teas I offer are very good for hep c and general health. Most people do not like them. The people who use them have great results.  The aloe is very important, as I have explained in my book.  I am very happy that your numbers went down.  I would like to put your Emil on my message board, name and address etc. removed.  If it is OK, please let me know.

Keep up the good health

J.H. Responded:


No problem putting my Emil on your message board.

I will try the teas and thistle that you offer.  If you have not already, you should consider marketing your products beyond the HepC niche.  I think liver therapy has a great value regardless of whether you have Hep or not.  Your book is the best holistic strategy I've seen to accomplish a detox program.


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