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Am I too late?


I purchased your book several months ago and inquired about the cost of your treatments.  I decided I couldn't afford it. But since then I've found my symptoms worsening. I was diagnosed with chronic hip in 1997. The Dr. found that I have cirrhosis of the liver, inflamed gall bladder and spleen and suggested Interferon. I took 3 shots and quit because of the way it affected me.
Now I'm experiencing;
1. no energy.
2. joint pain.
3. severe abdominal discomfort.
4. skin rashes.
5. bloody diarrhea, sometimes just blood.
6. no appetite, etc..

I've decided that right now I really don't have a choice about cost. If you can Emil me some recommendations as to what might help I'd appreciate it.

Lloyd Responded:

Hi G.T.
I suggest doing what is in my book:
Number 1, considering the things you describe, properly prepared aloe and natcell thymus. If you can't do one every-other day, then twice a week is better than nothing
Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day
lopic acid 200 mg 3 x  day
selenium 400 mcg per day
dandelion root tea 1 quart per day.
adrenal 2 a day. Adrenal support is important for liver cell regeneration.
These things will help.

In Good Health

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