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Stopped Obsessing

Hi Lloyd,

I haven't been to the site in a while. I guess for me that means that I've stopped obsessing and started to relax with idea that regardless of the seriousness of my condition there is hope. I have been diligent in taking my herbal remedies. I have kept a positive attitude. I have surrounded myself with people who support my decision to go a more natural route in my treatment (including my own doctors). Recently the gastroentenologist who diagnosed and prescribed the interferon treatment for me was on the news. One of the girls in his office who was diagnosed with Hep. C and went through the grueling Interferon and Rebetron treatment was with him in the interview. Guess what? After all that, she is out of remission and back at square one, her Hep. C is back full force. Against his advise, but with the backing of my own M.D. I started your treatment. Recent blood work indicated that I am in great shape. My liver is doing everything it's supposed to be doing. There are no changes. Which is good. My original diagnosis showed that everything was functioning remarkably well even with the diagnosis. Other than the virus being present, and feeling very tired (lethargic) everything else was normal. And this expert, regardless of this, was willing to give me a death sentence! Why would I start a treatment whose side effects are far worse than how the actual disease has made me feel? I'm blessed that I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict, and don't buy in to just anyone's crap. I have learned to challenge and research everything on my own. Thank you for being where I needed you to be at that time in my life. I feel good, I'm walking everyday, I'm working hard, playing hard and loving life. I have more energy than I've had since my teens! I have become so in tune with my body that I can tell now when something's is out of whack or I need to alter my herbals. This is very cool. I keep God right out front, because in all of this and through all of this, he has been my one true bedrock! I am truly blessed.

Thank you,

Lloyd asked if he could post her email

Thank you Lloyd. I don't mind if you want to post it. I wanted more than anything for you to know how I have been feeling. You are an awesome leader!!! I feel tremendously blessed in so many ways! Today the pastor at my church said. "It is amazing how we live so much of our days filled with fear and joy all at the same time". When the women went to find Jesus' tomb empty they were filled with fear and joy all at once.  My diagnosis was my fear; you offered me joy and hope.
Thank you again.
Happy Easter to you as well

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