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alternative to Cancer

Alternative2Cancer provides cutting-edge alternative medicine for the treatment of all types of cancer, specifically breast cancer, colon, liver, lung and prostate cancer including chronic infection. Here you will find many products that are virtually unknown to the average physician, oncologist or other specialist doctor, including PC Spes and live cell peptides (NatCell products). Most of the items found on this site have been used with great success for decades and some for thousands of years.

Questioning, intelligent minds demand more options of treatment beyond the current ones of cutting, chemical poisoning, and radiation. Supplements, vitamins and herbal therapies in pure, natural form were always available and often the only option in the not too distant past. It is time to return to our old knowledge, incorporating it with our new medicine our new knowledge and benefiting from the synthesis of the available treatment options.

All the products on this site have been shown in numerous studies to be the finest available.

I'm Lloyd Wright, author, researcher, cancer survivor and hepatitis C. survivor.

Nearly every person in my family has died from cancer, those whom are still alive have all had cancer except one. Cancer and chronic diseases affect more people than ever before in history. The reasons are as varied as they are unknown.

In the 1950s my mother was a health food fanatic, I've spent my life learning about natural health. As a result I've overcome testicular cancer and chronic hepatitis C.,

The research I've done for my book Triumph Over Hepatitis C. brought me to an understanding of why the items offered on this site work. It also helped me understand of why there is no great push to incorporate these products into mainstream medicine and why for the most part they are unknown to our doctors.

All the items on this site are natural and extremely effective. Most of these items, drug companies have attempted to reproduce synthetically in order to be able to profit. Unfortunately, synthetic reproductions do not contain the properties of the natural product, especially the live cell proteins. All the products we offer can be used in conjunction with the therapies your doctor may have prescribed for you.

The American Cancer Society was created some 75 years ago as a short-term non-profit society to aid in research to eliminate cancer. Today it is the largest most profitable non-profit organization in the world. I would like to think they are researching natural healing remedies with the same level of enthusiasm and financial support as the current vogue of cutting, radiation and chemical poisoning. But are they?

If you have questions about our web site, our products, or your condition please call toll-free 877 676 1615

Our mission is to help you survive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy and regain your life.

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