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Aloe Vera

Dr. John Finnegan, N. D. found:
Mucopolysaccharides are made in the human body and perform many key functions in our health, including growth and immune system functioning. Unfortunately, after puberty we cease manufacturing these and must obtain them from outside sources.  Mucopolysaccharides are found in large amounts in fresh aloe vera and in properly prepared aloe vera juices.  Following are a few of the vital functions that mucopolysaccharides have been found to perform.

  • They become incorporated into the cellular membrane and make the cell more resistant to the viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  • They improve overall cellular metabolism and functioning.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They provide critical lubrication of joints; helping to prevent arthritis and to heal it once it has developed.
  • They aid in the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients in the GI track.
  • They improve macrophage (white blood cell) activity making them up to ten times more effective in engulfing foreign matter.
  • They enhance the macrophage's effectiveness in modulating the entire immune system.
  • They enhance the macrophage's effectiveness to stimulate and direct the production and release of antibodies (increasing the body's own production of interferon, interleukins and more).
  • They increase the number of antibody forming T-cells in the spleen as well as increase the number and activity of killer T-cell and monocyte activity.
  • They are responsible for aloe's special penetration properties.
  • In conjunction with their cellular detoxification support and immune enhancement, they improve allergic reactions.
  • They stimulate bone marrow activity.
  • They stimulate the fibroblasts to release collagen and elastin to make new tissue (inside and out).
  • These mucopolysaccharides in aloe vera enhance the functioning of the entire immune, repair, detoxification, digestive and elimination systems of the body (44).

Dr. John Finnegan prescribed aloe vera for me and at the time I had no idea that it was anything more than an expensive cactus juice.  After taking it for two days, the diarrhea I'd had most of the time since my four blood transfusions was gone.  There was a true feeling of reversal from sicker and sicker to a leveling off and a healing taking place.  Of course Dr. John Finnegan prescribed several things in the first few months, only a few of which I could afford.  Aloe Vera was one item I purchased by the case from him. He has had great successes in using aloe with his Hepatitis clients.  Properly prepared Aloe Vera is a must in the quest against Hepatitis C.  In chronic Hepatitis C cases there is suffering from severe joint pain.  Aloe Vera helped eliminate this pain for me better than anything else I've tried.  Its' cost can drive you to the poor house, but at least the physical suffering on the way isn't as bad.  Wouldn't it be great if you were one of those fortunate enough to have insurance and they would pay for at least a portion of this product.  It's better than most things you'll ever buy in a bottle.

Immune Enhancing Effects of Aloe
by John Pittman, M.D.
Beta- Glucomannans are a class of very long chain sugars derived from plants, which have been shown in laboratory and clinical studies to have a wide variety if immune stimulating and protective effects within the body.  In studying the different sources of this polymer, it has been discovered that the aloe barbadensis plant contains the greatest concentration of acetylated polymannans, which is also the most active form of mannans.  These long-chain complex polysaccharides are often called Beta-Glucomannans, Mucopolysaccharides or Acemannan. These aloe polysaccharides have been shown to have many effects in the body, mostly impacting the gastrointestinal and immune systems, which are intricately related.  Before elaborating on their beneficial effects, it is appropriate to discuss the type of pathology often present in individuals experiencing immune system depression.

The most striking commonality found in individuals suffering with immune depressive conditions (Epstein-Bar virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, systemic candidiasis, HIV infection and others) is their high incidence of digestive dysfunction and maldigestion.  This has several effects that contribute to stress on the immune system and therefore its weakening.
Maldigestion means that the consumed food is not properly broken down into the elemental building blocks needed for the body to rebuild itself and to generate energy for metabolism.  This results in a type of starvation at the cellular level, with all tissue suffering malnourishment and therefore decreased effectiveness of all internal chemical processes.

These processes include breakdown and transport of toxins out of the cell, movement of nutrients into the cell, and energy production for cell functioning.  This affects all the cells in the body, including those of the immune system such as white blood cells, (macrophages, and lymphocytes) and red blood sells which carry oxygen throughout our bodies.  Not only do we lack enough fuel but we're low on oxygen too.

However, it is not this cellular starvation alone that causes the immune depression.  Maldigestion also results in pathologic reactions.  First, these remnants become irritants and cause inflammation of the mucosal wall of the intestines.  Many powerful enzymes and damaging chemicals are released, injuring the intestinal wall causing increased intestinal mucosal permeability.  The foreign proteins of the digested food can leak across the mucosa into the lymphatic channels of the intestinal wall and from there, gain access to the circulatory system.  Here, these absorbed proteins are recognized as foreign and are attacked by the cells of the immune system.  Antibodies bind to the protein and then call in the macrophages and monocytes.  T-cells arrive later, releasing enzymes and using oxygen to drive the metabolic breakdown of the foreign protein.  The total result is that the immune system is constantly turned on and draining down like a battery.  As these allergic reactions to food breakdown products continue, the cells of the Immune system wear out faster, run out of fuel and aren't reproduced in sufficient numbers.

In addition to this chronic hyperimmune state, undigested food remnants provide fuel for overgrowth of fermentative fungal organisms such as Candida albicans as well as several types of parasites.  Overgrowth of Candida in the intestines has significant effects throughout the body due to the absorption of toxic by-products of its metabolism.  This can result in worsening of food allergies, hypoglycemia, digestive disturbances, excessive mucus, bloating, flatulence, skin rashes and extreme fatigue.  This chronic infection further drains the immune system and complicates the picture.

Further damage is inflicted on all cell membranes from the effects of the generalized inflammation occurring as a result of maldigestion.  These metabolic reactions utilize large amounts of oxygen and produce oxidative free radicals as waste by-products.  The negatively charged oxygen molecules are desperately trying to balance their electrical charge and immediately begin to chop holes into cell membranes as they grab positive charges.  The result here is further damage to the intestinal mucosa and a worsening of the increased permeability.

All these processes work together in a vicious sequence of events leading to progressive weakening of the immune system.  It is clear that many mechanisms are at play in orchestrating these processes.  Without definitive therapy directed at each component of the immune system pathology, this is a downward spiral to death.  Fortunately, a thorough multidimensional treatment protocol addressing each component has been shown to reverse these processes. Aloe vera has been shown to have properties addressing all these issues and appears to play a key role on many different levels in boosting all immune functioning.

At the intestinal level, the aloe polysaccharides have been shown to act as potent anti-inflammatory agents, neutralizing many of the enzymes responsible for damaging the mucosal wall and, in effect, quenching the fire.  They do this anti-inflammatory action while at the same time boosting the immune system functioning. This results in decreased leakiness of the intestinal wall and less absorption of allergic stimulating foreign protein as well as enhancing the repair of the tissue.  Research has also demonstrated their direct viricidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties, which can help control candida overgrowth so the normal gastrointestinal bacterial flora can be restored.  It has also been found that these polysaccharides stimulate intestinal motility, improving the elimination process to move allergenic proteins from the small intestine into the colon.  All these processes help to normalize gastrointestinal wall structure and function and therefore stop the viscous cycle of immune system damage.
In addition to restoring gastrointestinal and elimination functioning, these large glucomannan polysaccharides also have direct effects on the cells of the immune system.

They have been shown to increase the number of and activate the intensity of macrophages, monocytes, and T-cells as well as increasing the number of antibody forming B-cells in the spleen.  Enhancing macrophage activity increases the effectiveness of the entire immune and repair system of the body as it is responsible for so many functions, including immune modualtion.

These polysaccharides have been shown in laboratory studies to act as a bridge between foreign proteins (such as virus particles) and the macrophage, facilitating phagocytosis ingestion of the protein by the macrophage. Activating the receptor sites of the macrophages is a key to the overall boosting of cell-mediated immunity, which is deficient in HIV infection and other immune disorders.  These aloe polysaccharides also protect the bone marrow from damage by toxic chemicals and drugs.
These various effects, while seemingly wide spread and unrelated, are in fact due to one simple process at the cell membrane level.  Acemannan (the name often used for aloe beta-glucomannans, acetylated polymannans and mucopolysaccharides) is a long chain sugar that interjects itself into all cell membranes.  This results in an increase in the fluidity and permeability of the membranes allowing toxins to flow out of the cell more easily and nutrients to enter the cell.  This results in improved cellular metabolism throughout the body and an overall boost in energy production.  The vicious cycle of maldigestion and cellular starvation is finally broken as the Acemannan normalizes absorption of nutrients and increases tolerance for allergenic foods (from detoxification).  The immune system is now stronger, under control, and better prepared for any new threat.

As humans living in the late twentieth century, our body's metabolic and detoxification systems are under ever increasing stress from foreign chemicals, nutrient depleted foods, and immune damaging infectious agents.

In order to control and prevent the inevitable progression of the immune system destruction that these stresses cause, therapy must be multifactorial involving all levels of health, diet and lifestyle.  These different areas consist of destruction of pathogenic organisms, metabolic detoxification, intestinal cleansing, increasing cellular metabolism, antioxidant agents to combat free radicals, and direct stimulation of immune system cells.  Aloe vera's Acemannan, the active ingredient in cold-processed, whole leaf aloe has been demonstrated in laboratory testing and clinical use to be effective on all levels of this therapeutic program (45).

The Secret Promise of Aloe Vera
by Dr. Jeri L. Heyman, Ph.D.
I am a developmental psychologist who has focused on psychological and emotional development for most of my life and career.  By becoming aware of the latest research on Aloe Vera I have become inspired to examine healthy physical development more closely in addition to the biochemical contribution to overall optimal health and balance.  I found the Aloe Vera plant to be the most fascinating and miraculous plant on the planet.  I have spent the last five years investigating Aloe Vera, and it keeps getting more interesting all the time. As you begin to look at the information on Aloe, you may find conflicting information.  Please be aware that there is still a great deal of misinformation and misunderstandings about Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera products.  It is very hard to believe that all the scientific research on the properties of fresh Aloe Vera could possibly be real - but they are. 

The research raised many questions for me.  How could something be so profoundly and fundamentally effective for so many areas of health and have only good side effects?  Why (if this research is real and Aloe has been around for so long) haven't we heard more about experiences of these miraculous effects?  What I found is that the research on fresh Aloe Vera is real and the research on the constituents in fresh Aloe is real. However, most Aloe Vera products available in the marketplace, although they can have some benefits, are not demonstrating the promises documented by the research.  Thus, Aloe Vera's true potential has remained a secret.

The Effectiveness of Aloe Vera - Fundamental and Profound.

The Immune System:
Scientific research has demonstrated so many healthful properties of Aloe that one's immediate response has to be, "this can't be real".  Aloe Vera enhances the body's own health and healing in so many ways that I wouldn't even have dreamed to pray for them all.  Certainly I couldn't have imagined that they would be found all in one plant, in a natural form and with only good side effects.

It was discovered that fresh Aloe Vera contains over 250 constituents including the full range of all sizes of polysaccharides (complex sugar chains that feed the cells).  The largest long-chain polysaccharides have an intricate, multifacted, multifunctional biological design and are manufactured by the body only until puberty. After puberty we must get these health and growth producing polysaccharides from outside sources.  Aloe Vera has been found to be the most concentrated plant source of these largest known and most profound health supporting polysaccharides - the Beta-Glucomannans (also known as Mucopolysaccharides, Acemannan, Acetylated Polymannose).

Research by a pharmaceutical company, Carrington Laboratories, has documented some of the astounding properties of the various sizes of Aloe Vera long-chain sugars.  As reported by Dr. Ivan Danhof, they discovered that the smaller-chained polysaccharides have properties that help in balancing blood sugar levels.  Although this is still being studied, there is evidence that they improve insulin receptor cells, with importance for both Type I and Type II diabetes (not to mention balancing sugar cravings).  The research has also demonstrated some anti-inflammatory properties of these smaller polysaccharides as they mimic the action of steroids.  The medium size polysaccharides have been found to be potent antioxidants.  The larger chains have demonstrated direct antibacterial properties (staph, strep, E coli...), direct antiviral properties (herpes, influenza, HIV) and the stimulation body's own tissue regeneration processes (by fitting receptor sites of fibroblasts stimulating them to produce collagen and other factors needed to make new tissue).

The largest longest-chained polysaccharides, the Beta-Glucomannans (Mucopolysaccharides), have received the most attention and Carrington has patented the Beta 1,4 Glucomannan, as "Acemannan".  They documented astounding immune enhancing and tissue production properties of this Aloe polysaccharide.  They actually showed that when the Acemannan meets the receptor sites of macrophages it stimulates the macrophage into action and can increase its affectivity ten fold.  The macrophages are the main immune system cells.  They are the white blood cells that engulf foreign matter throughout the body, release growth factor to stimulate tissue generation, modulate the inflammation processes and more.  They command the other immune cells to release their antibodies- how much, when and where needed.

Carrington's research showed that when the macrophage is stimulated it does increase the production and release of interferon and the interleukins when needed.  This fascinates me because here is a natural way that actually helps the body's own mechanisms to increase antibody production as well as increase the effectiveness of getting to where its needed.  The body was designed with all the mechanisms to heal itself.  Here there is a way to enhance the body's own systems for healing!  The macrophages are also responsible for orchestrating and modulating all the other immune cells and the entire immune system's functioning. They command the immune cell army, signaling where to go, when and how hard to attack and when to cease-fire.

Processed Aloe Vera vs. its Original Biological Design
Although the research is real, the effectiveness of any given aloe product will depend on what "is in" and what "is not in" a given product.  Demonstration of the scientific research's promises will depend on having the full range of sizes of polysaccharides in the form they need to be to work best in the body.  Thus, any processing of the Aloe (to stabilize and purify) needs to capture and protect all the constituents as well as maintain their original design and balance.  Beware of an Aloe product that does not guarantee, in writing, that no heat is ever applied from field to bottle.  Beware of concentrated or dried Aloes.  The processing can damage constituents as well as their not being in the original proportions and design.  Aloin is a bitter substance found in Aloe that has unwanted, irritating, laxative properties and is responsible for the contraindications for daily use. Be sure your Aloe juice has the aloin removed to less than 10 ppm (laxation occurs at around 2ppm).

During my treatment I drank 4oz. of properly prepared Aloe Vera 2 - 4 times per day, usually more.  By properly prepared I mean raw (unheated), organic, whole leaf and never concentrated or diluted aloe with all the aloin (laxative properties) removed.

It is fortunate that the Aloe Vera, recommended by Dr. Finnegan, happened to be a unique aloe product (enhanced with fantastic immune herbs) that is processed in a special way.  You just can't get any aloe product.  The processing will determine what is "in" and "what's not in" the aloe and will determine the results.  Once again it is difficult to know the truth about products.  So make sure your aloe company guarantees - in writing - that heat is never applied from field to bottle and that it never experiences temperatures above 90F at any time during processing, that it has never been concentrated or diluted, that the whole leaf is being used (more potent) and that the aloin (which can irritate the bowel) is completely removed to 1ppm or less without any damaging processing.  Remember, if it's not written on the bottle you can't assume anything.

About Herbal Answer:
Herbal Answer's unique Bio-Organic processing technique delivers the Full Life Force of the aloe and herbs and is quaranteed to maximize the potency, purity, biological activity and effectiveness of the herbal Aloe Force Juice and Tropical Skin Gel.

The Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant is the only variety of aloe used in all of our products.

The leaves are processed and stabilized within 4-6 hours after being harvested which stops the plant's deterioration until they can be stabilized processed and purified.

Our Bio-Organic aloe is NEVER HEATED at any time during processing and purification, from field to bottle. Our processing facility is fully licensed and regulated by the FDA. Each batch of our aloe is tested for quality and purity. Even though our aloe is NOT "pasteurized" with heat, the FDA has waived the requirement for a "not pasteurized" disclaimer on our label as it far surpasses the FDA's regulated standards for "pasteurized." This protects and delivers a "live", intact, whole aloe uniquely biologically active with live enzymes and the full range of all its constituents protected, intact and maximized.

NO LAXATIVE PROPERTIES. The aloin and aloe emodins are carefully removed from the entire plant (both the leaf and gel) by a unique, prorietary process. The aloe aloin content is 1ppm or less. The aloin content of the entire Herbal Aloe Force is 12ppm. Thus a dosage of at least 56 ounces would need to be consumed at one time to even approach laxation levels.

MAXIMUM POTENCY. We use the whole Aloe Vera leaf. Research indicates the nutrients are manufactured and stored in the skin of the leaf (released to the gel only as needed) making it from 4 to 8 times more potent than the gel itself. Our proprietary and unique process to completely remove the aloin without cutting it away from the leaf enables us to use the entire aloe plant yielding the maximum potency.

BIO-ORGANIC HERBAL EXTRACTION. Our unique herbal extraction process uses the aloe as the extracting agent and actually incorporates the herbs directly into and within the aloe. No heat or alcohol are used in this process. This special herbal delivery system is uniquely powerful, safe and effective.

NATURAL PROPORTIONS. Our aloe is never concentrated or dried. Water is never removed or added. Its natural proportions and Nature's original designs are protected and always maintained. This yields the most biologically active and potent aloe possible.

THE PLANTS' ORGANIC NUTRIENTS ARE MAXIMIZED. The aloe is organically raised; the herbs are raised organically or are carefully wild crafted. These plants are then Bio-Organically processed to preserve the Full Life Force of all their naturally occurring nutrients including enzymes, amino acids and MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES.

The COLLOIDAL SILVER is ionized using an electrostatic process and is a true colloid

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